Week 7: May 4- 8th Landscape

It really stinks being at home for this long. We’re all tired of the same 4 walls and are looking for a change in scenery, and here is your chance. I’d like you to think about somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, or maybe a place you’ve already been. It is important that we use a picture to draw from to make it more realistic, as you’ll need it for reference to draw, and for me to compare it to for grading. First you’ll be drawing with large shapes and lines, then coloring it. Don’t just copy the video, try and find your own picture.

  1. Watch attached videos to see how to draw with lines and shapes.
  2. Find a photo from internet or photo you’d like to draw. Challenge yourself!
  3. Get an 8 x 11 paper or bigger to draw in pencil.
  4. Find the horizon line, draw it, and then find other large shapes or lines to draw.
  5. Draw what you see, not triangle mountains and trees, flat beach scenes, etc.
  6. Think scribbly lines, organic shapes, not elementary school trees please.
  7. Follow shading directions from videos to show texture of leaves ,grass, water, etc.
  8. You can use color materials of any kind, or if you don’t have, use a pencil to shade.
  9. Take photo of art and photo reference in same picture if possible, and turn in.

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