Friday, September 21

We are wrapping up NWEA tests with some make ups for absent students.  DRA is still in progress.


Answer science study guide questions .  We shall go over the answers on Monday and take a short test on Wednesday.  Also read pages 8-11  in  Earth and Sun book.  The students can log on to access an interactive science book.  I demonstrated in class how to navigate the

User ID : millergrad5

Password: miller2018

Solve math pg. 20 of Succeed

Keep reviewing the social studies notes.

Have a great weekend

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Thursday, September 20


  1.  Please submit your published narrative about the three favorite items by tomorrow.
  2. Color the Double Bubble thinking map
  3. Read page 106 of the “Ready” book and complete the chart on page 107
  4. Study the spelling for test tomorrow
  5. For some students, sign the Exit math slip and return to school.  The grade will not be added to grade book.  It is to give students and parents an idea of how the child is progressing in math.
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Wednesday, September 19

Homework:  Read King Alfred and fill out the Double Thinking Map

Submit your favorite items writing by Friday including a conclusion

Study spelling words

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Tuesday, September 18


  1. Social studies test for lessons 1,2, and parts  of lesson 3 tomorrow.  Study your notes.
  2. Solve number 1 and 2 of the math book ” Succeed” pg. 19
  3. Practice your spelling words
  4. Bring back your instrument permission slip if you are interested to participate in Instruments class.
  5. Tomorrow is a late start.  Class begins at 9:30
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Monday, September 1 7


Read pages 3-7 of the science book .  Answer questions 2 & 3 in the notebook

Study the social studies notes.  A quiz on Wendesday

Sign and return your instrument music sheet. ( Optional)

Read for 30 mins.

Record your observation on the night sky-Log

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Thursday, September 13

Please join us today from 6:00-7:30 for our Open House in room 212.  You will be choosing conference time and getting information to log on parent connect.

Homework:  Complete the science and grammar worksheet.

Spelling test tomorrow

A reminder that tomorrow is 1/2 a day for students.  Dismissal is at 11:45 .

See you tonight!

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Tuesday, September 11

Please join us on Thursday to attend our Open House in room 212 at 6:00-7:30.


  1.  Review social studies Big idea points for lesson 1 and 2.  Also review the vocabulary cards.  The students should be able to comprehend the words when they appear in the text or questions.  They do not have to memorize them word per word, but should get the concept.
  2. Math homework page 11 of Succeed book
  3. Read for 30 minutes on Mobymax
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Monday, September 10

Please join us Thursday, September 10 in room 212 to meet and greet during our Open House.  It will be from 6:00 to 7:30.


  1.  Study notes of social studies/ Big Idea lesson 1 and word cards of lesson 1.
  2. Finish the Frayer Model organizer for your vocabulary word
  3. Write an introduction and paragraph 1 about you first favorite item.  I modeled in class and the students should have a reasonable understanding of what to write.
  4. Sign the writing and spelling sheets and return to school
  5. We started our math NWEA test today and we will continue tomorrow
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Friday, September 7

We are still testing NWEA reading and DRA.  Many students finished their placement reading test on Mobymax.  Please make sure your child logs on Mobymax and starts  reading daily for 30 minutes.

In math we started learning today about converting standard numbers to exponential forms.

Review social studies and science cards.

Have a great weekend

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Thursday, September 6


Please read the letter about bringing 3 favorite items to school to write about.

Cut and paste the social studies vocabularies and review them.

Review your science vocabulary : shadow and orientation

Spelling test is tomorrow


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