September 13

Monday, September 14

Greetings Families,

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend and had a chance to rejuvenate for a new week. Many students are not returning to afternoon sessions whether with me or specials teachers! Therefore I am attaching a simplified version of our daily schedule. I hope it will make things easier.

I started grading assignments and the majority of students are doing fine. With time, our routine will be more established and the students will become more responsible to their work. At times there are glitches out of our control, but we are adjusting and the students will be fine.

Best wishes, and stay safe!

September 8

Wednesday, September 9

Dear Families,

Today was a fairly good day. Many students were able to log in and be on time. I will continue to walk the students slowly into online learning until they feel comfortable and become independent.

As usual, all the information has been shared with the student through Schoology. I shall meet with the students on Wednesday, September 9 at 8:55 a.m.

Finally, each student received a copy online for physical Education waiver. Please fill out the form and submit to permit your child to participate in gym.

September 7

Tuesday, September 8

Dear Families,

I hope you all had a restful Labor Day weekend. School starts full day on Tuesday, September 8. I will meet the students via Zoom at 8:55. Please make sure your child is ready with a notebook and a pencil. If the child has a headphone that would be even better as this will help the student hear me well and concentrate. I emailed the students a tentative schedule for our school week, and I shall update you with any changes.

Please encourage your child to take learning seriously and to be patient with technology glitches and with his teachers. There is so much to learn in such a short time. Yet, we are determined at Miller School to make learning online comprehensible to our best ability.

Schedule Link

August 31

Dear Students,

Starting tomorrow we will meet daily on Schoology via Zoom. I posted your assignments for the week, in addition to a zoom link in your Schoology. Please be patient with us as this is a learning in progress.

Also our orientation to distribute books and supplies is tomorrow 10:00-11:00.

Directions to log into Schoology. Make sure you click on courses and pick the one that has ( Moukalled) on it.

Stay safe and well.

August 31

Monday, August 31

Good morning students,

Thank you students for joining in today and I am sorry for the Internet glitches. We are still learning. From now on everything will be on your Schoology login. Please email me at if you got to see me or Mrs. Burek today.

Thank you,

Mrs. Moukalled

August 30

Monday, August 31

Good morning students,

My name is Lina Moukalled and I am excited to be your teacher for this school year. I will be meeting you today, Monday, August 31 at 9:30 through Zoom. I will post the link for you on this page Monday morning.

Please make sure when you login to mute your microphone and be on time.

Important information:

Half days: August 31-September 3, 2020

New elementary time will be from 8:55 a.m. -3:50 p.m.

For today’s assignment, just fill out the survey for the attached activity.

Please enjoy a read aloud by Mrs. Zastrow  read aloud recorded for you to watch.

Stay well!

August 28

Friday, August 28

Greetings parents and students and welcome back to a unique new school year. I had the pleasure to speak to many of you over the phone to introduce myself. I am pleased to be your child’s teacher in 5th grade.

My name is lina Moukalled. I am a native of Lebanon, a mother of two daughters, and a grandmother to two lovely boys. I have been teaching at Miller for the past 20 years and had the pleasure to work with many of our families.

Online learning and teaching can be challenging at times. However, with good communication and patience we will make an easy transition into a successful educational experience. We are in this together, and I will do my best to serve my students to my best abilities.

Our school year starts on Monday, August 31. The first 4 days are half days. Also the school day starts at 8:55. On Monday, I shall meet the students on Zoom at 9:30 a.m. for a short meet and greet. I shall post the link on my blog later to log in. Please keep in mind that the students will not be able to login before I do.

Tuesday, September 1st. 10:00-11:30 a.m. the 5th grade staff will be in front of the school to distribute books and some school supplies. Please make sure you wear a mask and only one adult with the student may show up.

Looking forward to meet you all and work with you.

Please make sure you subscribe to my blog and check it daily for updates.

Stay well and safe,

Mrs. Moukalled