Dearborn Public Schools

Monday, May 21

Homework: Math Practice pg. 229-232 Reading: Read “The Mix Up ” from Reading Instruction book and answer the questions on pg. 164-165. Study the spelling words

Friday, May 18

Math test / unit 10 on Monday – DRA testing continues next week – Please read on Mobymax

Thursday, May 17

We did our NWEA reading test today and will continue next week. Spelling test tomorrow.  Math test unit 10 on Monday.  The students have a study guide

Wednesday, May 16

We took our NWEA math today.  4 students still need to finish tomorrow.  Please study spelling words and practice reading on Mobymax.

Tuesday, May 15

Tomorrow is a late start.  I would like to wish all the students and parents observing the month of Ramadan a healthy fasting and rewarded deeds.  This week I am not assigning any homework / just this week/ until the students adjust in their sleep schedule.  I will be reviewing and doing most of the […]

Monday, May 14

We shall start our NWEA testing tomorrow; please have plenty of rest and a good breakfast Homework: Review social studies notes of lessons 1-4. Study spelling words Practice math using Mobymax Study division facts

Friday, May 11

Homework: Math practice pg. 377-378 and division practice on Moby Max Reading Instruction/ read the article ” Baseball Lessons and answer the questions 1,2,& 4. on page 124.  

Thursday, May 10th

Homework:  Review social studies notes of lessons 1-4 and answer the sheet “Scenario” spelling test tomorrow Practice division facts for competition on June 7

Wednesday, May 9

Ethnic dinner is tonight at 5:00 p.m. Please join us! Study social studies notes Study spelling words

Tuesday, May 8

Homework: Tomorrow is our Ethnic dinner at 5:00 p.m.  Dress up to present your family culture Math:  Practice book pg. 203-204 Social studies:  Read pages 68-71 and answer in writing the following question:  What is the division of labor?  Study your notes  Economics Book Study spelling words

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