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I am revisiting one activity I recommended a few weeks ago because of how beneficial this position is for improving sensory, body awareness, strength, vision, attention and engagement. If your child has trouble sustaining this position for ball play, allow them an alternate activity while lying on their belly (play-doh, coloring or even an educational game on the iPad if they won’t do anything else). Aim for 5 minutes and try to complete a couple times every day over the next week. 


  • To provide touch pressure to body from floor
  • To increase back and neck extension strength
  • To develop arm strength
  • To develop good eye tracking (roll ball)



Trigger-handled spray bottle

Bucket of water for refilling bottles

Targets-playground cement, beach ball with shaving cream, bubbles.


  • Line up your children (if siblings want to participate) and give each child one spray bottle. The children use the spray bottle to draw letters, shapes and numbers on the cement. If you child has difficulty drawing something specific, just work on the act of spraying water on the sidewalk. 
  • Place a beach ball on top of the bucket, 5 feet for the children. Draw a happy face, number, or letter on the ball with shaving cream, and have the children take turns squirting the water at the beach ball until the cream is washed off. 
  • Have the children spray a stream of water to pop bubbles blown by the parent. 

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