OT Activities this Week: Sensory Experiences

Activities are to be completed with parent supervision at all times for safety. 

  1. Deep pressure; “These sensations often help to organize a child who is overly sensitive to touch or who exhibits hyperactivity or distractibility in situations where tactile input causes irritation to the child. I have listed some activity suggestions. 
  • Wrap your child up in a blanket like a “taco.” You could also use a yoga mat or towel for this activity. Give them big squeezes once he or she is wrapped up. Make a game out of this using language like “Ready, Set, Go,” “Go, Go, Go, Stop,” “Roll, Roll, Roll, Squish” for example. This can also be a turn taking opportunity between siblings or with you as the parent. Use simple language like “My turn,” “Your turn”, “His turn.” 
  • Squish between two pillows like a “hamburger.” You can give additionally deep pressure by putting on “toppings” like ketchup, mustard, cheese, pickle and so on. 
  • Have your child lay on the floor and roll a large ball (exercise balls work best) over most of their body. 
  • Deep pressure massage using lotion as tolerated
  • Give bear hugs often
  1. Vestibular and Proprioceptive Activities; Some children enjoy excessive doses of movement, while others may be very sensitive to any type of body movements, including car rides, swings, tilting head back in the bathtub, so cautiously observe your child during any of these activities and discontinue if your child appears to not enjoy the stimulation. 
    • Rocking in a rocking chair
    • Jumping on a trampoline 
    • Climbing outdoors or indoors on old furniture or stairway (with supervision)
    • Backyard swing
    • Hikes in the hills
    • Rolling over an exercise ball with assistance (on belly or on back)
  1. Academics 
    • Hand over hand practice of shapes or lines
    • Drawing letters and numbers in sand or shaving cream
    • Puzzles
    • Cut a slit in a plastic food container and practice putting coins in
    • Stacking blocks (if you do not have blocks, use anything in your pantry)

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