Sensory Integration Exercise

Complete these OT activities throughout the week. The more you do, the more the following skills will improve. Descriptions are included above each exercise. 

  • To provide touch pressure to body from floor
  • To increase back and neck extension strength
  • To develop arm strength
  • To develop good eye tracking (roll ball)
  • To provide touch input to back from carrying an object
  • To increase body awareness
  • To develop upper body strength
  • To promote motor control by moving fast versus slow
  • To provide deep-touch pressure to body
  • To provide calming head movement
  • To promote language skills

Chant: “Rock the boat ‘til we laugh and shout, rock the boat ‘til we all fall out”


  1. Tactile adventure bins- cornmeal, oatmeal, water, sand, lentils
  2. Bath time- bubble bath, crayon soap, back scrub brushes
  3. Foam soap or shaving cream- draw, blow
  4. Sticky play- tape, contact paper, painters tape
  5. Kitchen time- mixing tasting, smelling, washing up

While playing with tactile materials, you can practice drawing shapes, letters, drawing faces, drawing a person, etc with your child. Talk about what you are doing and encourage them to engage in the play with you or with a sibling.
References: Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration. Yack, E, Aquilla P and Sutton S. Future Horizons 2002

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