Home Exercises

Parent Activity Suggestions; 20+minutes recommended daily. These activities are especially important for children who have fine motor concerns, learning difficulties, attention deficits and language delays. Children who have not spent enough time practicing “developmental movements” (tummy time, playing on belly, rolling, belly crawling and crawling) are likely to struggle with formal learning later on at school. These activities are highly encouraged to improve the foundational skills needed for academic learning. 

  1. Weight bearing on the arms; lay and play on tummy
  2. Rolling; body completely straight with arms above head and going both directions
  3. Army crawling on slick surface with bare feet
  4. Crawling on hands and knees (over and under furniture, through an obstacle course, tunnel, doing relay races)
  5. Animal walks; crab, bear, turtle, snake slithers, cat stretch, etc
  6. Superman; laying on belly and extending arms and legs in the air
  7. Hanging and climbing on monkey bars
  8. Tactile play; food, finger painting, play-doh, clay, rice, sand, shaving cream while practicing letters, shapes or drawing
  9. Swinging and hanging upside down
  10. Childrens yoga; down dog, cat stretch, cobra pose, etc
  11. Lacing, puzzles, mazes, tracing, beads, pop beads, use tweezers/tongs, opening/closing containers, squeeze a stress ball, cutting cardboard, squeezing glue, etc
  12. READ to your child EVERY night

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