1, 2, 3, 4, Snow Wolves Declare a PENNY WAR!

Snow Wolves are participating in Edsel ford’s charity week. Each school will raise money for a great cause, zaman internationals “Give Gaza Hope”. “Give Gaza Hope” focuses on alleviating the suffering of displaced families and civilians that are in need of humanitarian aid.

STARTS: Tuesday February 20, 2024

ENDS: Monday February 26, 2024

How do we get points? Add pennies and dollar bills to OUR bucket.

  • Pennies = 1 point each
  • 1 dollar bill= 100 points 
  • 5 dollar bill= 500 points 
  • 10 dollar bill = 1000 points 

How do we take points away from other classrooms? Add SILVER coins to OTHER classrooms’ buckets!

  • Nickels =  -5 points 
  • Dimes =  -10 points 
  • Quarters=  -25 points

At the end of the week, the class with the most points wins!! What do we win? The class with the most points in each grade will get to choose a treat from Mr. Abdelfattah such as donuts or pizza! This a class choice.

Tomorrow is our 100th day of School!

Woohoo! We are almost 100 days smarter!

If your child is dressing up like they are 100 years old, remember that we have gym so please send in gym shoes if needed. 🙂

Also, if you signed up for something for our day and have not brought it in yet, please try to drop it off today at pickup. Thank you to everyone that signed up!

Field Trip tomorrow!!

Good Afternoon,

This is a reminder that our field trip is tomorrow. Please make sure your child comes to school on time with a packed lunch in a disposable bag labeled with their name. They should wear comfortable clothing and shoes. The bus will leave school at 9:30am.

If you are a chaperone, please check your child’s folder for an important note. See you tomorrow!

Thank you!

It’s almost the 100th Day!!

Dear Parents,

Well, believe it or not, we are quickly approaching the 100th day of school! The 100th day is Tuesday, February 13th. We will celebrate by having so much fun with the number 100! We will play games, do some fun activities, make a 100’s Day snack, and dress up like we are 100 years old! We have SO MUCH fun on this special day. We included some pictures to give you some ideas. You can also google “Dressing up like you are 100 for the 100th day of school” for more ideas. If you have any questions, please let us know. We will be sending a signup link for donations soon. Thank you for your continued support!

Valentine’s Day

On Wednesday, February 14th we will have a small Valentine’s Day Celebration in the afternoon.  If your child would like to bring in Valentine’s cards and treats to share with his/her classmates, please have your child write his/her own name on the cards. You may have your child bring in a decorated shoe box to collect cards and treats.Treats must be wrapped. There are a total of 22 students in our class.

Field Trip Permission Slips and Money were DUE TODAY!

If you have not returned the slips and money yet, please bring them at pickup if you can. We will be calling to confirm the number of kids and adults on Monday morning.

If you want to chaperone, I need this information by Monday morning so you can be included on the reservation list. Adults are FREE as long as we have them on our list. Otherwise admission is $16 a person.

Thank you!