Solar Eclipse Glasses

Happy Friday!

I am sending home a pair of Solar Eclipse glasses with every child that is here today. Since we will not be going out to view the eclipse, I wanted to send them home with them today so someone in your family can use them. Or if your child will not be in school on Monday they can use them to safely view the eclipse.

Click here to see how to modify the glasses to make them a little more kinder-friendly.

Now we have to hope we have clear skies and we can actually SEE the sky on Monday!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Solar Eclipse

As you know, there will be a solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th. I will not be here that day due to some appointments. Ms. Letizo will be here. Due to safety concerns, Kindergarten WILL NOT be going outside to view the eclipse. We will be learning about it the rest of this week and on Monday but the district feels (and I agree) that the risk of permanent eye damage is too high for young children that may not understand how to properly view the eclipse. Glasses will be provided for the older children that have parental permission.

A note from Mr. A:

Dear Snow community,

The Solar Eclipse on April 8th is not only a spectacular astronomical event, but also an invaluable teaching moment for our students. However, safety remains our top priority. While witnessing this phenomenon, it’s crucial that students and staff take appropriate precautions to safeguard their eyesight. 

Fortunately we were able to secure appropriate eye protection. We will be discussing this event with students and discuss eye safety as well. We encourage parents to do the same. Only grades 2 thru 5 will be participating in the viewing of the eclipse. Permission slips will be sent home today. If you want your child to participate, permission slips must be turned in. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made!

We encourage you to discuss the importance of eye safety with your students and remind them to follow the instructions provided by their teachers. 

Additional information:

The last time our area could view a solar eclipse was August 2017. It was incredible even though it was a partial eclipse, and we only experienced about 78% coverage. This solar eclipse will be a near-total eclipse, with the Moon estimated to cover about 98% of the Sun. Unless you travel south to Ohio, you won’t be experiencing an actual total solar eclipse here in Dearborn. If we are lucky enough to have clear skies that day, it should still be an incredible experience. What is a solar eclipse? It is when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, casting a long shadow on Earth. Everyone must take proper precautions to observe what is happening safely. Certified safe solar eclipse viewing glasses are one way to watch the eclipse safely. The eclipse will begin around 2:00 PM and reach its maximum for our area at around 3:14 PM. It will all be over by a little before 4:30 PM, making the whole process about 2-1/2 hours long.

Some upcoming dates!

Good morning and welcome back!
I hope you all had a relaxing and fun-filled break!

I wanted to let you know of some important dates coming up. For most events, more info will be coming so keep an eye out!

April 2nd – April 5th – Raffle (See previous post)

Tuesday/Wednesday April 9th and 10th – NO SCHOOL

April 19th – PTA Glow Dance (See previous post)

April 26th – Last POPCORN FRIDAY!

May 13th – Field Trip to Detroit Zoo

May 31st – PTA End of the Year Snow School Picnic (See previous post)

Info from the PTA

April 19th is the glow dance. It will be from 6-8 in the school gym. Pta will send home flyers this week and we will doing presale wristbands. Teachers can collect the pre sold wristbands and PTA will pickup on 4/16. Wristbands will be sent home with the kids on 4/18.  Tickets will also be sold at the door.  Only students need a wristband, parents do not.

The last popcorn Friday for the year is 4/26! Info will go home the Friday before and pta will collect the slips on 4/25.

May 31st is the school picnic if teachers/staff want to save the date! Please volunteer and helps us run this successful event. We will need help running the bounce slides, cake walk, pizza, and raffle ticket sales (no games this year). This event is from 5-7:30 pm. Signs up will available soon!

Some links for math

Good afternoon! A few parents asked for some ideas for math games. I thought I would put them here so everyone can access them!

How to play some games we play in class:

  1. Shake the disks: You will need some 2 color counters (or even beans with one side painted one color), cup, dry erase marker and board. To play, put 5 counters (beans) in a cup and dump them out. Sort by color. Then write the addition problem. Put the counters back in the cup and repeat! Once they have mastered the number 5, add another counter and repeat for 6, then 7, etc.
  2. Dominoes: You will need a set of dominoes, dry erase marker and board. Put the dominoes in a bag/box. Pull one out and write the math problem. (The top number plus the bottom number equals the WHOLE number.)
  3. Decompose numbers
  4. SNAP!
  5. Dice game
  6. Finger Combo Game
  7. Play doh stacks
  8. Greater/Lesser/Same
  9. Snowball

Some of the videos above were made when we were virtual. Please ignore any requests for videos or ‘proof’ that the game was played. 🙂

Websites for ideas:


Addition and Subtraction in Kinder

Master Addition and Subtraction With These Family Math Games

Addition and Subtraction Games – Roll and Race

Addition and Subtraction Games

Addition and Subtraction game

Web-based games:

Top Marks


Math Playground

Cool Math

Coko Games

Most of these have free games, some you need to pay for. There are PLENTY of free things out there, so there is NO NEED to subscribe or pay for any of the games!

A great place to look for supplies is your own home! Beans, pennies, buttons and legos are GREAT for counting! Many of the games you already have have dice that you can use.

Dollar tree is another great place for fun things for math. Dice, dominoes, magnet letters and numbers, small animals for counting, blocks and counters can all be found there. Another dollar tree find are dry erase pockets. You can put a worksheet or a template inside and they kiddos use a dry erase marker on the outside and erase when done. Then you don’t need to re-print work sheets or templates.

Ask them what games they play in school. We play at least one math game everyday! They will LOVE to teach you the games!

Book Fair

We will shop at the Book Fair on Thursday of this week!

If you are sending in money, please send it in on Thursday. Please put it in their folder and label it with your child’s name and that it is for the Book Fair. I appreciate your help with this.

If you want to purchase gift card for your child to use, please go here. Follow the instructions to buy the card. It is super easy and a fantastic way to support our school.

Well we were not successful…

…at catching that pesky leprechaun!

But boy oh boy, did he make a mess!! He flipped chairs, wrote all over our board, stole some of our gold and ran though some paint too! But he did leave us some treats. We found how he got into the room too. He snuck in through a window!

We also had a Pot of Gold Challenge today that proved to be harder than they thought! The challenge was to use some pipe cleaners and playdough to build a rainbow that was strong enough to hold a pot of gold. Some pairs were able to balance the pot with 2 pieces! Be sure to ask your child about it.