Hello my friends!  I hope you are having a wonderful summer!  I sure am!  The weather is FINALLY feeling like summer!  I spent last week up north at our cottage and it was amazing!  I’ve been doing a lot of summer reading!  I love having time to just sit and read!  I hope my first graders (00ps…second graders) are reading lots of great books too!  Those of you who purchased the summer workbook, I hope that is going well.  Remember to do just a few pages a day!  Zearn and Epicbooks can be accessed throughout the summer too!

I just wanted to give you my address in case some of my little munchkins wanted to write me a letter.  I would love to hear what you are doing during the summer!  Maybe if you take a special trip, you can send me a postcard! That would be so awesome!  I promise to write you back!!!

Mrs. Lippert

23438 Parke Ln.

Grosse Ile, MI 48138

As promised, I have created a Shutterfly account just for you and all of the 400+ pictures I have uploaded from the school year.  If you are asked to log in, here is the info:

Email: lindalippert22@gmail.com

Password: howard

Here’s the link:


I will keep this link open until August 15th.  Then I will change the password.  Take your time and look through the pictures.  You can download them to your computer by right clicking on the picture.  I hope you enjoy reliving our year together! Please give your precious one a big hug and kiss from me!  I sure do miss each and every one of them!


I am in the process of uploading all of the pictures of your first grader that I have taken this year.  I will attach a link and you can download the ones you want.  The link will be active until late August when I refresh my blog.  Stay tuned……

A few things…..

Hi there!

We are still planning on walking to DQ today around 1pm.  If the weather remains like it is right now, we should be fine.  You are welcome to come and walk with us!  

Thank you to all of the parents and siblings that came to the picnic yesterday!  It was so much fun!  I hope you enjoyed yourself!

Remember that tomorrow is a half day of school and students are dismissed at 11:45.  

I am so proud of each one of my first graders!  I will always refer to them as “my kids!”  Thank you for all you have done for me this year!  I feel truly blessed!  I will miss you all!


Hi there!

The first grade teachers, along with Mrs. Lazar, decided to change the picnic to tomorrow.  It is supposed to rain all day on Thursday! boo  We are still planning on going to Dairy Queen if it is not a major thunderstorm.  Please send your child to school with an umbrella on Thursday.  If the weather is terrible, we have a plan b to have an ice cream truck come to school so the kids can purchase a popsicle.  If that doesn’t work out, I will send your $5 back with your child.   I know my little munchkins really want to walk with their buddies to Dairy Queen, so we will try our hardest!  Thank you for being flexible and understanding.  Please join us tomorrow from 11-1 for some picnic fun.  We will be on our school playground by the picnic tables….not in York Park (that was already reserved for tomorrow.) A note about the picnic is in your child’s take home folder.  🙂

Final Week……

Hi there!

This truly makes me sad to think I only have one more week with your little munchkin!  I am so proud of each and every one of them!  They have grown leaps and bounds!!  They literally blew my socks off this year…because I don’t have socks on today!  lol

Anyways, we have a busy week planned for next week.  I will have special surprises planned for each day! 🙂  So, I’m sure your child doesn’t want to miss the fun and excitement.  Permission slips for Dairy Queen will be coming home on Monday.  We will be leaving immediately following our picnic on Thursday.  

Here’s what is planned for next week:

Monday ~ Field Day.  The first grade will be outside from 9-12.  The PTA is providing pizza and chicken strips.  All food is halal.  NO LUNCHES ARE NEEDED ON MONDAY.

Tuesday ~ Donuts for Dad 7:45-8:45 in Howard Cafeteria.  PBiS reward is Dearborn High School Marching Band @ 2:30.

Wednesday ~ Volunteer Tea 9:00-10:15 (invitations were sent out)

Thursday ~ First Grade Picnic 11:00-12:45.  Dairy Queen Field Trip with 4th Grade Buddies 1:00-2:30.

Friday ~ Half Day.  Dismissal at 11:45.  

Whew!  That’s a jam packed week for sure!  Please send your child’s backpack every day next week.  We will begin cleaning out and sending things home starting on Monday.  Report cards will go home on Friday.  

If you have any questions about the above events, please feel free to email me.  Have a great weekend!!!

Exciting News

Hi there!

The kids have been asking me about Epic Books and how they can continue it for the summer months.  Well, thanks to Reem’s mom for sharing the code, you can get summer access for just $3!!!  That’s 3 months for a total of $3!  If you are traveling oversees, this would be perfect to download the app to your ipad or iphone. It’s like having a whole library online!!  Here’s the coupon code: SUMMER19

Also, the Brain Quest summer workbook I suggested is on sale on Amazon for $10.  I hope you take advantage of this great deal!



Week of May 27, 2019

Hi there!

I will not be writing full blogs anymore.  I am just going to give you an update of what is going on for the week.  We are wrapping up all subjects and preparing for the final NWEA for this school year.

We will be taking the reading portion of the NWEA on Wednesday.  We will be taking the math portion of the NWEA on Friday.  Please let me know if your first grader will not be here either of those days.  I will try to give it to your child in the classroom this week.

Thank you and have a great week!!

Music Informance is Today!!!

Hi there!

Don’t forget that the music informance is today at 12:55 in the music room.  Please check in at the office before heading down to the music room….room 8.   I will not be there, unfortunately.  The first grade teachers will be at Maples this afternoon for professional development.  I hope you enjoy the performance!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!

Parade today

We will be walking in the Howard Clean up Parade today.  Please make sure your child has a hoodie or jacket to wear.   Tennis shoes are needed also.  We will be walking several blocks so comfy shoes are a must.   Please come watch the parade.  We will start around 9:45.  Thanks!

Field Trip Today

Hi there!

Don’t forget to bring a sack lunch…not a lunch box.  We don’t want to carry it all day!  Also, a disposable drink that can be thrown away.  Wear tennis shoes and maybe a hoodie.  I don’t think coats are necessary.  It is supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny!! Yay!!!