!Lesson 2 Intro to Nutrition!

Because I am unable to post physical activities until I get all of the waivers collected I started lesson 1 with a “get to know you/me” assignment. This second lesson P.E. related in that proper nutrition is an important part of physical performance. Hopefully it answers a few questions you might have and teaches you something new in the process. This is only my second ever video so be patient. I tried using a new platform via zoom because you are all familiar with it. I hope it works. (fingers crossed)

Here is the zoom video link:


Pass Code is:4.GWYwN#

Here is the document attachment to read along with the video lesson.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q56w9n6VmpBGaq9AiSLxbZv-o7AcLxd32sh5uXzb0dg/edit

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