Today’s Assignments, 5/18/21

There are NO Google Slides to follow for today. NWEA testing continues for students NOT DONE. See schedule below for details:

  1. All students must complete their BELLWORK/ATTENDANCE TASK by 9am
  2. Students not done with the MATH NWEA test will check in at 9AM
  3. REMEMBER: you have ART at 2:40 today – Your art teacher will be absent, but he will post an async assignment for you to work on. See his Schoology page for more information.
  4. Students not done with the ELA NWEA test will check in at 12:45PM
  5. When students are NOT online, they will complete ELA/MATH/SOCIAL STUDIES Asynchronous work found in Schoology under 5/18 folder – this includes your AMERICAN REVOLUTION FINAL ASSESSMENT.
  6. Esperanza Rising tasks are due 5/27 – You have almost two weeks to complete both tasks.

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