You will be creating a google doc to answer ALL questions in red on one paper.

  1. Read about the Declaration of Independence found at Take the Quiz found at the bottom for your knowledge. Be sure to click on the link that says “Who signed”. Email me to tell me one thing that you noticed when you looked at the link.
  2. Next, review the link that discusses Washington crossing the Delaware. Why is this significant? Email me your answer. Take the quiz at the end to test your knowledge.
  3. Next, read about our Flag and take the quiz found at: Email me to tell me how the first flag and the current flag are similar AND different.
  4. Next, click on the link to read about the Battle of Saratoga found at and again, take the 10 question quiz for your own knowledge.
  5. Finally, click on the link to learn about Valley Forge. You will need to tell me where Valley Forge is presently located today. How far is that from your home in miles? (HINT – do a map quest) Was Valley Forge a great victory or defeat for George Washington? Read more about him here and tell me 5 NEW facts about him you never knew.
  6. Watch Episodes 35-38 on Liberty’s Kids – send me your notes on the two episodes. You must include 8 things for each video.
  7. Weekly IXL tasks: Social Studies Level G: G.7, N.1

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