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Parent Information for NWEA Assessments

  • It is very important that the results from the NWEA assessment are valid or real from the actual student taking the assessment.  The student who is logged in should be the only one taking the assessment and answering the questions.  A very helpful suggestion is to have a parent or older brother or sister help with getting the test started.  They can help with finding the NWEA website and logging them into the program.  Once the student has started the assessment, they should be the only one deciding on which answer they are going to choose.
  • The results are used to see where the student is at with specific subjects areas or skills at this point in the school year.  It will help the teacher and the staff understand if they need help in a certain area, that they are where they are supposed to be at this time, or if they are excelling in a certain area. 
  • We can then use the results or data to help us understand what extra support a student may need before the end of the school year or before the next NWEA spring assessment.  The scores of the assessments are compared with each other from the Fall to Winter.  This shows the growth the student is making and the areas we need to focus on.  These goals areas are also focused on during small group meetings and learning labs.
  • We would like for students to find a quiet place in the house to take the assessment.  This will help them to focus when they are reading and answering the questions.
  • It is also very important that the student’s camera is always on during the assessment.  This will give the teacher a chance to see what the student is doing and if they are in need of any assistance or help.
  • If your child needs to ask the teacher a question during the assessment we would like for them to put it in the chat, instead of calling it out to the teacher.  This will help with not interrupting the other students that may be online taking the assessment at the same time. 

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