Week of 2/10-2/14

Dear Parents: The Spelling List this week is: shook, brook, soot, foot, stood, hook, book, would, could, should.

Remember the Math Test will be on Wednesday. Please continue to review with students.

The Valentine Party will be on Friday. Please remind students to bring their cards and snacks to pass. Thank you!

Week of 2/3-2/7

Dear Parents: The Spelling List for this week is: churn, burn, burst, turn, clerk, third, bird, first, thirst, dirt.

I have decided to wait until next Wednesday, 2/12/20 to give the Math Test. We have been testing so much lately, and this will give students more time to prepare. Please continue to review the Study Guide that was sent home.

For the Valentine Party, If you would like to send in a snack, drink, or paper/plastic item, that would be great! If you would like to send in an item, but are not sure what to send, please email me, and I can give you some ideas of what we need. Thank you so much!

Week of 1/27-1/31

Dear Parents: Thank you all so much with your help in preparing for NWEA. The scores really demonstrated how hard everyone worked. The 2nd report card will be sent home today, however the latest NWEA scores won’t be on the report card until the 3rd card marking. Also, a big thank you to all who were chaperones for our field trip on Friday. What a very enjoyable day!

The Spelling List for this week is: part, start, park, dark, jar, sort, fort, short, horse, more. Thank you!

Next Week 1/20-1/24

Dear Parents: I just wanted to review next week a bit early. There will be no Spelling for next week because of Monday no school, and the Field Trip.

MONDAY: 1/20 No School

TUESDAY: 1/21 Half Day 11:45 Dismissal

WEDNESDAY: 1/22 NWEA Testing

THURSDAY:1/23 NWEA Testing

FRIDAY: 1/24 Field Trip to Revved Up Fun

***Remember, lunches are already paid for, but please send a snack for later. Chaperones must drive their own child to the location, and meet us there. Chaperones may sign out their own child ONLY when the trip is over. Any questions, please email me. Thank you!

Week of 1/13-1/17

Dear Parents: The Spelling List for this week is: screen, scrap, string, stripe, struck, strike, strap, spring, spruce, sprain.

We will be starting the NWEA Math Test tomorrow. Please make sure that students are doing their Math Homework, going on Prepdog and Zearn, and getting a lot of sleep. These scores are extremely important to show growth from the Fall.

The Field Trip is not until next week (1/24). I will be sending a reminder in my blog next week. Remember this Friday (1/17) is a half day. Thank you!

Week of 1/6-1/10

Dear Parents: Welcome back, and Happy New Year!

The Spelling List for this week is: each, which, such, match, patch, wish, dish, with, teeth, path.

Reading Packets: Most students have already turned these in. Please turn them in by Friday, so that I may give students their prizes.

Math Book Pages: Please have students tear out and staple any Math Book Pages they worked on, and turn them in by Friday as well. Any amount of pages is fine, and thank you for all your help with these.

Please have students continue to go on I-READY and ZEARN at home, in order to prepare for NWEA. Thank you!