Week of 3/23-3/27

Dear Parents: This is a suggested list of work ideas by subject for your child to work on. Remember, as always to contact me by call, text, or email if you have any questions.

READING: continue to use Common Core Ready book that I gave you. Students can read and highlight the passages, and answer all questions, fill in charts, etc. You can use these passages in the book in any order. Many reading passages are related to animals and plants, so you may want to focus on those first, since that is what we are studying in Science. Reading any books is great, and students can write short summaries of what they have read.

MATH: continue to do 1 lesson a day in the Module 6 Math Book. Also, more great skills for at home: helping them to identify and count coins, and learning how to tell time. Students always need extra practice with these concepts. Review of basic addition/subtraction Math Facts is always helpful too.

SPELLING: starting this week, I have decided to switch to sight words that are most used in writing, but are also difficult for students to spell. The words for this week are: again, because, calm, decide, earn, friend. You can have students practice these by writing them in sentences and/or stories. You may also give them a test.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES: students were given online access to Readworks articles. These articles are all related to Science and Social Studies. Please refer to the blog I sent on March 13 for the code they need to use. They can read the articles, and answer the questions. Brainpop and Brainpop Junior are also excellent resources for all subject areas. I will discuss more about Brainpop in the next few paragraphs.

WRITING: students may keep a journal that they can write in daily, and illustrate their writing. Other writing may include Informational writing, such as facts about animals/plants, or “How To” type of writing, such as “How to Make…”,etc. You may also refer to my March 13 blog for Writing ideas and templates.

TECHNOLOGY: students are already familiar with using I-Ready, RazKids, and Zearn. These can be used daily, as before. Again, Brainpop is excellent for every subject: Reading, Grammar, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The username is: haighelem and the password is: bpop.

Thank you for your continued help and support. Please contact me with any questions. I truly appreciate all that you have done.

Work From Home

Dear Parents: By now I have made contact with each one of you, and have given you my cellphone number. Work does not need to be turned in until we return to school. I offered my cellphone number if you wanted to take pictures of any work your child has done, and send it to me. This could be done as a weekly thing for now. You don’t have to send pictures of work, I just offered if you think it will keep your child on track.

I will be giving a new Spelling List next week that students can practice. I will be more detailed next week.

The Art teacher Mrs. Buenting has posted some items on her blog, if you wanted to do any of those activities.

I so much appreciate all of your help and hard work. I will check in as often as I can. Please contact me with any questions and I will respond as quickly as I can. Thank you!

Resources for Math

Dear Parents: I was able to meet with many of you last Friday when you came in to school to collect items for students. However, I know that many parents were not able to come in. I passed out the next Math Book for Module 6/7. Please do 1 lesson a day. If you were not able to pick up the book, the pages can be printed online by going to https://www.engageny.org/ Click on the grade level, then the units pop up, which you can then select and view/print.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMb3b2 -4jDpi2Mvac pAMA

Above are the videos to watch for help with Math.

Please don’t forget about Reading 30 minutes a day, and going on Zearn, BrainPop, RazKids, and I-Ready.

Please email me with any questions/concerns. I will update you often. Thank you!

Remote Learning

2nd grade Parents,

Here are some resources, lessons, and activities that I would like your child to work on during this time away from school. It is important that they are still reading, writing, and doing Math over this next month. They have shown so much growth and progress this year, I don’t want to jeopardize how far they’ve come. Please contact me at any time, for any reason through Class Dojo, or email. I will be in touch weekly through blog, and dojo. Please take care of your family, we are hoping everyone stays healthy and that this passes quickly.

Eureka Math

We are in the midst of Module 5- Addition and Subtraction Strategies within 1,000. Please allow your child to log onto Zearn daily, your child’s log-in information is taped inside their Haigh folder or planner.  Most students know how to log-in automatically. I have attached a link for Module 5, that contains the workbook pages and videos of each lesson. We are on Lesson 13, and it goes through Lesson 20 before the end of the module.  Please have your child work on each lesson 13-20, watching the videos, doing the problem set and homework (if possible) and going on Zearn.  When we return, we will move on to Module 6. 

This is the link to all the lessons and videos for Module 5. 

This is the link to the entire Module 5 workbook. 




Please allow your child to utilize and log-in to i-Ready each day.  This program is very beneficial and teaches the Common Core standards for Reading with follow up activities after each lesson.  Here are the directions for logging in:

Go to the Dearborn Public Schools webpage, click on Student Portal.  Then click on “Clever” on the left hand side. (It may make them log in here, or when they get to i-ready)  Once in, scroll all the way down and click on the i-Ready icon. Once here, log in with student number@dearbornschools.org (EX: 20223267@dearbornschools.org), their password is their birthdate.  This is the same student number and password they use on a daily basis to log into their chrome books.  Please make sure to put @dearbornschools.org after the student #.

Read Works 

Our students have never used this before, but we created a new class and this is a great tool for Reading various Science and Social Studies articles, vocabulary, and question sets to follow.  The multiple choice questions are automatically graded in the system, and any writing responses will be graded by me. I will assign approximately 8 articles to complete in a time frame with a due date.  Here are the directions for your child to access this program:

Go to the website: 


Your student’s class code is: GTE2CJ and their password is “1234”. 

When they log in, they will see assignments that I’ve given them.  They can read the article, look at vocabulary words, and answer the questions. 

Raz Kids

All Haigh students have a subscription to Raz Kids, their log-in information is posted inside their folder or planner.  They can read stories and answer questions to follow. 


Here is a link to various templates for Writing. In the first folder you will see ideas for Personal Narratives, How To Writing, and Opinion Writing.  The other folders are templates (blue prints) for your child to use as a guide to help them organize their writing. They are familiar with these blueprints and should know exactly how to use them.



Here is a link that Mystery Science updated to make it easier for students to access and do these activities at home.  


Hand Sanitizer

Dear Parents: If you are able to send in a hand sanitizer with your child, I will allow them to keep it on their desk. I have some for the whole class to use as well. I know that many stores are running out, but if you are able to find some, that would be great. I have also been reminding students to wash their hands often, and use antibacterial wipes to clean their desk tops. Thank you.

Week of 3/9-3/13

Dear Parents: The Spelling List for this week is: clown, brown, growl, howl, crown, round, sound, loud, cloud, house. There will be a Spelling Test, and Math Test Friday morning, even though Friday is a half day. I will send home the Math Study Guide tomorrow.

Our day to visit the Book Fair is Monday, March 16. The students can buy books that day, or any time during that week. Thank you!

Week of 3/2-3/6

Dear Parents: The Spelling List for this week is: pause, cause, draw, jaw, launch, haunt, crawl, dawn, hawk, law.

A special request… If you are able to donate an extra box of tissues to the class, I would appreciate it. With many colds, and allergies, we have already used up most of the tissue from the beginning of the school year. Thank you for your help.