Week of 5/20-5/24

Dear Parents: Some notes for a very busy week ahead…

This weekend please review the Brainpop worksheets I sent home, and please have students go on Brainpop in the area of Reading/Writing to prepare for NWEA. No Spelling this coming week, due to field trips and Friday off.

Monday 5/20: NWEA Reading Test.

Tuesday 5/21 Dearborn Historical Museum Field Trip (AM).

Wednesday: Detroit Science Center Field Trip (Full Day) Please send a bag lunch.

Thursday: Regular day, however, I will be absent in the AM for a District Teacher Meeting.

Friday: No school.

I have had many volunteers willing to donate desserts for the June picnic. Thank you! One extra item that may be helpful is water bottles. Mrs. Chammout’s class in in charge of that, but it might be nice to have some extras. Thank you for all your help!



End of Year Picnic

Dear Parents: The End of Year Picnic will be on Tues. June 11, at Levagood Park. The other second grades will be purchasing various food items/drinks for the students. Our class has been asked to donate dessert items, such as brownies and cookies. I am asking for volunteers to purchase these items, and donate them for our picnic. I would also need for the volunteers to bring them over to the park on the day of the picnic. Please email me if you are able to help with this. Thank you so much!

Week of 5/13-5/17

Dear Parents NWEA for Math will begin on Wed. 5/15. Please help students to complete their practice packets.

The Spelling List this week is boxes, foxes, fixes, mixes, wishes, dishes, stitches, witches, sandwiches,riches.  Thank you!


Dear Parents: Some important announcements…

The 2nd permission slip for the Science Center Field Trip will be coming home tomorrow. Please let me know if you are able to chaperone for that trip. I need 6-8 chaperones that day. (May 22) Also, please remember that if you would like to chaperone, younger siblings are not allowed to join. I’m sorry, it is a school policy.

Last Friday, I passed out a Reading Packet, and a Math Packet to help prepare for NWEA. These will be the only homework sheets I will be giving until testing is over, along with a Study Guide for the next Math Test. Please help students to complete these. I will offer a prize for completed packets that are finished before NWEA.

The Spelling List for this week is: didn’t, can’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, they’ve, we’ve, she’ll, we’ll, he’s, she’s. Thank you!

Field Trips

Dear Parents: There will be 2 Field Trips back to back this month. On May 21, we will visit the Dearborn Historical Museum. I only need 1 more chaperone on that day. The other trip is May 22, to the Detroit Science Center. I will need about 6-8 chaperones on that day. I did not pass that permission slip yet, in order to not confuse everyone. Please make sure that the background check is on file in the school office if you wish to chaperone. Also, chaperones may not bring younger children with them when chaperoning a trip. Thank you!!

NWEA, Spelling

Dear Parents: In order to practice for NWEA, please use the old Math books that have been sent home. Any pages that were not used would be good practice. I will be sending home some other packets soon. NWEA will most likely begin in Mid-Late May.

The Spelling List for this week is: chore, more, snore, wore, score, tore, aboard, board, roar, oar.

Thank you!

Tissue/Math Quiz

Dear Parents: Our class is completely out of Kleenex Tissue. Many students have allergies or colds, and we have used every box that was given at the beginning of the year. If any of you could please send in some extra boxes of tissue, that would greatly appreciated. Also, please remember to help your child study for the Math Quiz on Monday. Thank you!