NWEA Packets

Dear Parents: Yesterday, I sent home the Math and Reading Packets for NWEA. I will send home an extra Reading Packet today. This level may be a bit challenging for some students, but it will still be good practice. Thank you for helping your child prepare for these difficult tests!

Week of 12/17-12/21

Dear Parents: We have a busy week ahead. Today I will be passing NWEA packets for Reading and Math. PLEASE, PLEASE work with your child on these during the vacation. The NWEA testing will begin the second week of January, and I am concerned that the students will not score well unless they practice and review during the vacation. Students will receive a prize for returning these packets to me in January.

The Winter Party will be on Friday, December 21. Any items that you signed up to contribute, may be sent in with students on, or before that day.

The last Spelling List of 2018 is: each, which, match, patch, such, dish, wish, path, teeth, with. Thank you!

Week of 12/10-12/14

Dear Parents: The Spelling List this week is chill, chest, chest, sheep, shape, think, thing, while, wheat, white.

Today I will send home the sign up sheet for the Winter Party. As always, I prefer water bottles, healthy snacks, etc. However, some sweet treats are acceptable too. I also usually need plates/napkins/plasticware. The Winter Party will be on Friday, December 21. The students will be passing their own treats, and watching a movie. Thank you for your snack/drink contributions!

Week of 12/3-12/7

Dear Parents: The Spelling List for this week is: meat, seat, mean, bean, queen, seen, beet, feet, baby, pony. There will be a Math Test for Module 3 on Friday. I will be sending home the Study Guide with all the correct answers today. The only Math Homework this week will be to review and practice the Study Guide. Thank you.

Information about the Winter Party will be coming out soon.

Collection of Work, Papers, etc.

Dear Parents: I just wanted to mention that I save most student work, such as writing, booklets, Science/Social Studies activities, etc. until the end of the year. I have everything on display in the classroom for when we have visitors, principals, and other guests in our building. Visitors love seeing this collection of work, and how students have improved throughout the year. I will pass everything back in June. I will always pass back tests right away. Thank you!

Week of 11/5-11/9

Dear Parents : The new Spelling list is as follows: main, sail, jay, stay, may, wait, tail train, hay, pay. For the month of November, the Tic Tac Toe activities will be a bit different, but students will still be able to do them in class.

Thank you for making our field trip so wonderful, and thanks so much to all who were able to participate as a chaperone.

The first day of parent conferences is Thurs. 11/8. I will pass a reminder note to you stating the time. If you don’t receive one, I will pass yours next week, reminding you of your  time on 11/13 or 11/15. Report cards will be given at conferences. Thank you!