Thank you for an amazing year!

I just want to reach out with a heartfelt thanks to you all. This was truly an amazing year. We got to experience being a family in the classroom full time. We got to work collaboratively with elbow partners, AB partners, color wheel partners, popsicle stick partners, etc, and this helped to foster lifelong friendships. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to work with your first grader. I thank you all for sharing them with me.

Thank you for all of the end of the year surprises. You are all so kind, thoughtful, and generous.

I hope you all have a lovely summer recharging your battery for second grade. Thanks again to all of you for being my partners in teaching.


Mrs. Korte

P.S. Here are our last two boards.

I promise I encouraged the kids to write thank yous to other teachers. Ahhh!

Mid-Week Notifications

Report Cards are in the Purple Folder

Report cards and NWEA student profiles are in the purple Take Home Folder. For the most part, the class ended strong. Remember 2 is meeting. The areas on the report card seem the same but the content increases in rigor. Also, remember that I sent home work for absence and vacations. If graded assignments were not returned, that might cause a drop in a grade. Another reason to see a drop in a grade could also be caused by a vacation or absence because of missed taught content and not fulling understanding content on a quiz or assessment.

Father’s Day Gifts are in the Backpack

The Father’s Day gifts are in your child’s backpack. Don’t hide it. Set it out as a reminder to open it on Sunday. We recently found one for my husband 3 years after the fact. It was hidden. My daughter forgot about it.

First Grade Celebration

Remember, we are meeting from 10-12 on Thursday, June 16 on the north side of the playground under the big tree. (It is by the teachers’ parking lot.) Please send a beach towel or blanket to spread out on the ground.

We wrote about Tuesday and Wednesday today.

They are so cute. I can read them. Can you read first grader creative spelling?

Our Last Newsletter of the 2021-2022 School Year

Believe it or not…this is your last week as a first grade parent…unless you have younger children. Then we will see you soon. Tee hee!

A Great Big THANK YOU to all of the PTA parents, the volunteer parents, and the parents who came to cheer us on at the Field Day last Friday. It was a huge success. Team Fabulous and Team Awesome had a blast because they are both wonderful!

It is a tradition in my room to spend the last two weeks with a special theme everyday. The kids get to write on the board with my markers. It is so much fun. Last week we had: Movie Monday, Top 2 Tuesday, Into the WILD Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and Famous Friday. Today was…

SO…lots of questions popped up today. I will do my best to answer them all.


The notification went out at the end of the day today about Wednesday. Yes, school is canceled. Our room was perfect today, but according to the meteorologists, it is going to be hot, hot, hot on Wednesday.

First Grade Celebration

Our celebration is postponed to Thursday. We cannot go over to York Park under the large oak trees, because it is reserved by other grades. Here is the rundown:

  • First Grade Celebration
  • Thursday, June 16 from 10am-12 noon (Yes, this is a switch because it will be cooler in the morning. New day and new time.)
  • North side of the school building under the big tree by the across from the playscape. (This is the second change.)
  • Send a beach towel or a picnic blanket for your child to sit on.
  • We will have water bottles, a sweet treat, a salty treat, ice pops, and games. The rest of the time, the kids will be able to play.
  • Please come and join us. You might want to bring a folding chair to sit on though.

Please have a Restroom talk with your First Grader

I know that it is almost over, but we are still in session. Multiple people are choosing to not flush the toilet. It is really yucky. People are also throwing their paper towels on the ground. Please have a chat with your first grader. Thank you for your support.

Please send backpacks and folders until Friday

I sent home the chromebooks with students today. I guess you are to use it until further notice. Your child will have access to all of my quick links and the blog links. I also sent home the fluency math book. We started having math twice a day to finish up Module 4 and Module 6. Use the fluency math book for math practice. I will be sending lots home over the next few days. We are working on Father’s Day gifts, we have report cards, we have earphones, etc. Please continue to send your child with their backpack. Thank you so much.

Summer School

Information will be coming soon. The big question today was…Are you their summer school teacher? Nope. I do not teach in the summer. I use that time to recharge my batteries, be a mom, read lots of books, garden, try to eat healthier, travel, but mostly to be mom to my kids. I’m so sorry.

Reading Over Summer Break

Please take the time to go to the library or to Barnes and Nobel. Your child MUST read to you over the summer. If they don’t use it, they WILL lose it. Also, it is important to have them write. As mentioned last week, Brain Quest is my FAVORITE workbook. I used it for all three of my kids. You can’t just say go do it. You have to read the directions together, maybe explain a bit, and check their work. It really helped keep my kids on track.

Thank you for a wonderful year. This was the best group of kids ever. So many friendships developed. I would love to loop to second grade with them, but they would probably be ready to get rid of me. They would say, “Not you again. Ugh!” Just kidding.

Thank you for all of your support throughout the year. I hope you enjoy summer break!

Process Writing Coming Home and Family Tree

Hi everyone!

I have been saving some of the process writing from Writer’s Workshop. Several are coming home today. These are final copies. These were published in the hallway for others to enjoy. If you look at the graphic organizer, you might notice my edits and maybe some sentences added in my printing. It was crucial to learn to get their thoughts down. I did not bog them down with editing. When we conferenced, they told me their revisions (more sentences or more words) and I wrote what they said. Next year, edits and revisions will be their responsibility.

Family Trees from social studies are coming home too. They did a fabulous job. If you notice a family member not on the tree, it is because your child told me he/she passed away. The purpose of the tree was to teach how we can learn about the past. We can learn about the past by speaking with parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. That is grade-level content and expectations.

Newsletter for June 6-10, 2022

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting a newsletter last week. It was the first time that being a mom overwhelmed me this year. Also, I am sorry that I was out on Thursday afternoon. My son graduated on Thursday and I wanted to help him get ready for the graduation ceremony. Things are back on track though.

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, June 6th – There will be a special soccer program. Please make sure to have your child wearing gym shoes and sunscreen that day.
  • Thursday, June 9th – Last bake sale sponsored by the PTA – $1 per child, please.
  • Friday, June 10th – Field Day – Please make sure your child is wearing gym shoes and sunscreen, again. Also, it is a Spirit Day fundraiser for the Student Council – $1 to wear sunglasses – The proceeds will be used to purchase paint for the Peace Pole.
  • Wednesday, June 15th – Our first grade celebration from 1-3 at York Park. Please look in your child’s purple take home folder for more information.
  • Friday, June 17th – Half day of School and Last Day of School

Are you looking for an activity book for the Summer?

My favorite book for my own children was Brain Quest. The blue one is first grade and orange/yellow one is second grade. I would recommend that you look through both workbooks. If your child is ready for the challenge get the second grade workbook. If your child is still needing to strengthen their first grade skills, then get the blue one.

As a parent, I mark a grammar/workbook page, a reading comprehension page, a math page, and I rotated between science and social studies. My kids always had a bit of downtime every day. They had to complete their pages each day. I would check the pages. If they needed help, we worked on it together. If not, we moved on to the next pages.

Is this a requirement? No. Will this keep your child’s mind moving in the correct direction? Yes. Is this just a summer suggestion? Yes.

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We finished a fast narrative about the 4 day Memorial Weekend. We will finish up our informational writing about apples.

Unit 10

We are reading and writing in our Unit 10 booklet. No Spelling Words.


We are still having double math every day. Module 6 to start our day. Module 4 in the afternoon.


We made the best transparent, translucent, and opaque science projects. They are hanging in the windows of the classroom. We are learning about natural light, artificial light, and shadows.

Social Studies

We are learning about fair trades.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Korte

Newsletter May 23-25, 2022

We are down to our last few weeks of school. I will continue to teach new material, but I have MANY assessments to complete. Thank you for your support and patience throughout the year.


We took the Math NWEA on Thursday. EVERYONE’S score made a nice big jump from the fall to spring. This is a first for me. I think the school subscription to IXL in February really helped. I put in all of their subscores from the fall. The IXL program adjusted to their learning needs. We used IXL as our morning bellwork. I was able to walk around and answer questions. If it was a really good question like, “What’s the perimeter of this shape?” I made sure to share how to solve this question with the entire class.

We WILL take the reading NWEA on Monday. Please have your child get some good rest tonight. I will stress the importance of going SLOW.

Once all of the students have taken the NWEA, I will print out the individual reports and send them home. I request that you give me an opportunity to catch up on all the students who might have missed an assessment. The reports are available for me to print 24 hours after the last person takes an NWEA assessment.

Library Book Check-Out

The last day for library book checkouts will be Monday, May 23rd.  All books must be returned before June 3rd. 

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, May 23 – Taking the Reading NWEA
  • Tuesday-Wednesday – NWEA make-ups for absences
  • Thursday, May 26 – Clean up parade around the track at the back of the school at 10 am.
  • Friday, May 27 – No School
  • Monday, May 30 – No School

Clean Up Parade

The Clean Up Parade has a new theme. Due to all of the rain and flooding that has occurred in the past few years, the State of Michigan is promoting rain gardens. Rain gardens direct the water away from the house or building, they have deep-rooted plants, and promote pollinators like butterflies and bumblebees.

The First Grades are the pollinators. We made headbands with butterflies and bumblebees. If your child has butterfly wings from a Halloween costume or dress-up, or a yellow tee-shirt that you want to put black bumblebee lines around it, that would be great. This is not a requirement. It is only an “if you want”.

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As mentioned above, we are in our final weeks of school. I have many assessments to administer.


We annotate, read, and discuss every day.

I am halfway through the Developmental Reading Assessment. It takes a long time because it is administered 1 to 1.


We are currently working on an informational writing piece about apples with Mrs. Abu-Rus.


We will take our test on Thursday.

  1. bloom
  2. room
  3. gloom
  4. doom
  5. hood
  6. good
  7. wood
  8. stood
  9. does
  10. wash
  11. another
  12. some


We will continue to double up on math. We work on Module 6 for bellwork in the morning. We have our lessons in Module 4 in the afternoon. (Module 6 is a review and extension of concepts throughout the year.)


We finished our family trees for social studies. The kids did a great job. They are currently hanging in the hallway.

We also completed our history unit for Social Studies. We will finish off the year with our economic unit, which matches what we are learning in our ELA Benchmark.


We are learning about light now. The kids learned that transparent objects are completely see through, translucent objects are kind of see through, and opaque objects are not see through. We learned that translucent and opaque objects create shadows because some light or all of the light is blocked.

Thank you for your support! Have a great week.

Mrs. Korte

Newsletter May 16-20, 2022

I apologize for the delay. The weekend was extremely busy with a regatta in Grand Rapids on Saturday and on Sunday was my daughter’s confirmation and my husband’s 50th birthday. By the time 8:00pm on Sunday rolled around, I was ready for bed.

Dates to Remember

Friday, May 20th – Bake Sale

Walk N Roll

This is our last week to participate. We are in third place right now.


We will begin the NWEA this week. We are going to start with Math this week. Next week, we will take the Reading portion.

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We have started our assessments for the end of the year. These assessments are required by the State and for the District. Yes, we are reading and writing every day. I just will not be sending home the book bags anymore. If your child does have a book bag, please keep reading.

Writer’s Workshop

The class did a great job on their opinion writing. Mrs. Abu-Rus showed me how to use a pre-write before the process writing lessons. We used a rubric she created to show the kids how much they grew from the pre-write to the final copy.


This week is -oy and -oi words. The trickiest word this week is through.

  1. foil
  2. coil
  3. soil
  4. coin
  5. join
  6. joy
  7. boy
  8. toy
  9. walk
  10. only
  11. buy
  12. through


We have doubled up on math. Our bellwork is from Module 6. Right now we are learning about money. Quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. It would be really helpful to have your first grader sort and count coins. You want them to be fast and flexible. We will be moving to double-digit addition.

We are also learning from Module 4 in the afternoon. This is comparing numbers.

Social Studies

We can learn about the past from our parents and grandparents. We are making family trees during class.


We will also continue with our science learning about vibration, sound, and sound waves.

Thank you so much for your constant support!

Mrs. Korte

Newsletter May 9 – 13, 2022

I hope you all have a wonderful day! You are all amazing mothers.

I want to thank all of the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to join us at Greenfield Village as chaperones. You are wonderful! Wow! What a difference a day makes in the weather. This weekend has been beautiful. I hope you had time to enjoy it with your family.

Dates to Remember

  • Wednesday, May 11 – Late Start
  • Thursday, May 12 – PTA meeting at 9:15. Please consider attending this meeting. You will be voting on new PTA board members.
  • Friday, May 13 – Student Council Spirit Donation Day! $1 to participate. Wear superhero attire or dress like a superhero.

Walk ‘n Roll

Try to do as much walking and rolling to school as possible. I send our count to Mr. Haliburda on Fridays.

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We are in our final stretch for the year. We will start Unit 9 in our Benchmark. I have been reading with the students and having them complete special projects. They just have not had their book bags. I might not be sending those home much longer anyway. Again, we will continue to read in our reading groups though.

Writer’s Workshop

We have finished our Opinion prompt. Mrs. Abu-Rus taught me how to do a pre-write and post-write to monitor growth. We were both very impressed with the class effort and final product.


The lists are getting much trickier. This week is -ow and -ou words.

  1. gown
  2. clown
  3. down
  4. pout
  5. shout
  6. sprout
  7. mouse
  8. house
  9. before
  10. done
  11. about
  12. even


We will continue using a place value mat. We will make and break numbers into tens and ones. We are increasing and decreasing by tens and ones.

Social Studies

We started to share our scavenger hunts on Friday. We will finish it up on Monday. The kids had SO many compliments from the staff at Greenfield Village, because they were actively engaged. Thank you for your support. We will continue with our History unit in social studies.


We will also continue with our science learning about vibration, sound, and sound waves.

Thank you so much for your constant support! Again, Happy Mother’s Day!

Mrs. Korte

Greenfield Village Field Trip

(This is the green note attached to the outside of your child’s purple folder.)

Tomorrow is our special day!

We are going to Greenfield Village, rain or shine.  The hourly forecast looks to be in our favor, but…

  • Please dress your child appropriately for the weather conditions.  With the forecast for rain overnight, things are going to be wet and possibly muddy.  A collapsible umbrella might be a good idea.

Your child will need a disposable lunch and drink.  Look in your child’s take home folder.  They made a paper bag with their name on it for their lunch.  We will not be taking lunch boxes, because they are too big and heavy for the chaperone to carry.  I will give you the tickets at that time, also.

  • Please do not send money with your child, we will not be purchasing food for lunch or shopping at the gift shop. 
  • All students must ride the bus to and from the field trip.
  • Chaperones will need to drive separately and meet us at Greenfield Village.  You might want to plan to carpool with another chaperone.

Chaperones, please bring a backpack to carry the lunches of the students assigned to you.  Hand sanitizer might be a good idea too.  Also, please arrive at Howard by 9:15.  I will hand out all of your materials at that time. 

Thank you so much!  I’m looking forward to a wonderful day!


Mrs. Korte

Newsletter for May 2-6, 2022

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, May 2 – No School – Holiday Break
  • Tuesday, May 3 – No School – Holiday Break
  • Friday, May 6 – Field Trip to Greenfield Village

If you are using your family pass, please let me know if yours includes the rides.

Please check the weather. We will be going rain or shine. Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the predicted temperature.

Please pack a disposable sack lunch for your child.

Chaperones: Please come to my room by 9:15. Have a backpack because I will be giving you the lunches you will be carrying, a scavenger hunt, and any last minute instructions. You will be driving and meeting us at the village. (Where the buses pull up.) Thank you for volunteering. I hope it is a great day.

Again…Thank You

Thank you so much for all of the bake sale donations. The students love popping into the hallways to purchase a treat from the cart. It reminds me of the trolly treat cart on the Hogwarts Express, except we don’t have any Bertie Bots Every Flavored Beans.

Walk N Roll

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, hopefully, you will have more opportunities to Walk N Roll to school. We send our count down to Mr. Haliburda on Friday morning.

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Due to the special projects we are making, it was a first grade PLC decision to extend Unit 8 through to this week.

Writer’s Workshop

I am very impressed with the writing for this prompt. There were some similar themes and some unique ones too. We will hopefully be finished with this Opinion piece this week.


No Spelling this week.


We will continue using a place value mat. We will make and break numbers into tens and ones.

Social Studies

We are learning about artifacts. PERFECT TIMING for our trip to Greenfield Village. We will be stepping back in time while we are there and looking at SO MANY artifacts.


The kids are loving this unit. We are finding that we can learn, discuss, and try out our science questions while we eat our snack. Win! Win!

Thank you so much for your constant support! Again, Happy Holiday to those who are celebrating.

Mrs. Korte