Newsletter for November 28-December 2

I hope everyone had a nice time off with your family. For those who celebrated, I hope it was a lovely Thanksgiving. I was extremely happy to have all of my children under one roof. I was heartbroken to have two of them leave on Sunday. We will be together again in 3 weeks.

This week, half of our class will have the honor of presenting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Geer Park Pledge to the school via the school intercom system. The other half of our class will present in a few months.

  • Monday, November 28 – Pizza Monday – I collected last week and still have everyone’s order already.
  • Wednesday, November 30 -Parent Education meeting CANCELLED – No meeting this month.
  • Thursday, December 1 – PICTURE RETAKES
  • Friday, December 2 – Popcorn Friday

Thank you to all of the families who donated last week. We will continue to take donations through Wednesday.


Spelling – S blends at the beginning of the words

  • skin
  • skip
  • skill
  • smell
  • smug
  • smock
  • swell
  • swim
  • was
  • there
  • then
  • out

Writing – We are finishing our Responsible story.

Reading – We meet on a daily basis, but I meet with certain groups every day and other groups every other day. I am constantly monitoring progress. I will be giving a Developmental Reading Assessment to every child before the winter break.


We finished our Module 1 last week and are starting Module 2 this week. We will start to add numbers larger than ten. We will look at numbers in tens and ones. We are looking at making a ten.


We are taking a small break from Science after Monday and shifting out attention to Social Studies.

Social Studies

We will be focusing on our family, needs and wants.

Thank you for your constant support. Have a lovely week.

Mrs. Korte.

Newsletter for the Week of November 21-22

Thank you to all of the families who attended Parent Teacher conferences. If you ever have a question for me, please send me a note in your child’s folder or email me. I will write you an email or call you as soon as possible. If you missed your conference, I will schedule a time to chat.

We have two more days for our food drive. Our class is in second place with 191 items. Please consider donating on Monday and Tuesday. Thank you to all of the families who have donated so far. Here are our pictures from last week.

  • Wednesday, November 23 – No School
  • Thursday, November 24 – Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Friday, November 25 – No School

With such a short week, we will be catching up on things here and there. We will also have a bit of fun. We do not have a new spelling this week.

Thank you for all of your support. Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

Mrs. Korte

Newsletter for the Week of November 14-18, 2022

Thank you to all of the parents who attended Parent Teacher Conferences this week. We have one more day of conferences on Wednesday, November 16.

Monday – Send in your child’s library book. We get new ones today.

Wednesday – Last night of parent-teacher conferences. I will be seeing:

  • 4:20 Gelan
  • 4:40 Banks
  • 5:00 Brambila
  • 5:20 Nash
  • 6:00 Mays
  • 6:20 Maweri
  • 6:40 Katip

Thursday – Pasta Night in the Geer Park Cafeteria from 5:30-7:30

We need your help. Please consider sending in some nonperishable items for our food drive. We only have 7 days left. So far we have 53 items. Thank you to the families who have donated so far.

Please buy your tickets in the office for the Geer Park Pasta Night on Thursday, November 17 from 5:30-7:30. They are $10 for an adult and $8 for children 3 and older. I hope to see you there. I bought my ticket on Friday. Yay!

Geer Park started their first math-a-thon in October. These are our first, second, and third place winners.

Congratulations guys! Everyone should start practicing their FAST addition and subtraction math facts now. Our next math-a-thon is in January.


These words have blends at the end of the word. At the end, there will be mp, nd, and st.

  • jump
  • clamp
  • mist
  • west
  • trust
  • bland
  • send
  • wind
  • good
  • by
  • them
  • who


We read together every day in our Benchmark Unit booklet. However, we are expected to get to our individual groups too. This has been a bit of a struggle lately due to behavior. We feel that we should be running around and at other students’ desks instead of following directions. Misdirection eats up time. Due to that, I have had to flip-flop math and reading.

I will be having small reading instructional groups every day, next week.


We will have our next writing “A Time When I Was Responsible” finished on Friday.


We are in the last part of Module 1. It is fluency with subtraction. This was a bit tricky today. I understand the first graders might know they fast math facts, but they are required to show a math picture to get the full points on the quizzes and final assessment. Oh my goodness, about 15 out of the 20 would not or could not draw the math picture. We worked and worked. Here is an example of what I need from your child.

It is to show your child’s thinking. It is to help your child check for their own errors too. These math drawings will be required on our assessments. Please practice.


We will learn about reptiles, fish, insects, and amphibians. Then we will be assessing.

Thank you so much for your support. Have a great weekend. We will see everyone on Monday. Mrs. Korte

Newsletter for the Week of November 7-11, 2022

I’m sending this early, because you can get a jump start on those spelling words. Also, it is a busy week with Parent-Teacher conferences and no school on Tuesday. Please vote!


We are starting Unit 3 in our Benchmark. It includes cross-curricular social studies and learning about how we can be good citizens. I will send home your child’s Unit 2 booklet. It is at the correct first grade reading level. Use it to have your child read to you. If it is easy, then your child is above what is expected at this time of the year. If your child can read it with a little help, then your child is right where they need to be. If your child struggles reading the passages, then your child is working to get to a first grade reading level, but is not there yet.


I only sent book bags for the students who did not read last night. Please let your child read to you and sign their literacy log so that I know. The students who do this reading make the best progress.


These are tricky. They are r blends at the beginning of the words. No rhymes. Please start practicing now.

  1. dress
  2. drip
  3. drill
  4. grim
  5. grab
  6. grass
  7. truck
  8. trim
  9. now
  10. do
  11. went
  12. which


We are finishing up our stories about being brave. Hopefully they will be in the hallway by the time you attend the parent-teacher conference.


We are almost finished with module 1. We are still looking at fact families. That is both the addition and subtraction sentences you can write with the numbers in a number bond. We are also using the picture to help us with number stories. When I was little, the teacher called them story problems.


We learned about the needs of animals. We also about mammals this week. The kids were shocked to learn that they are a mammal too. We will learn about birds, reptiles, and fish this week. Their body coverings are very important features.

Social Studies

We are taking a break for a bit and finishing up Science. We will start learning about our families soon.

Report cards, NWEA scores, and WIDA scores will be given at the conference.

  • Monday, November 7 – Parent-Teacher conferences after school. – I am meeting with Madi, Harris, El-Kadri, Jadallah, El-Khali, and Mallah
  • Tuesday, November 8 – No School – Vote
  • Thursday, November 10 – Parent-Teacher conferences after school. – I am meeting with Saeed, Saif, Lahbib, Yazbeck, Reddick, and Algaradi
  • The following Wednesday, November 16 – Parent-Teacher conferences after school. – I am meeting with Gelan, Banks, Brambila, Nash, Mays, Maweri, and Katip.

Geer Park is conducting a Canned Food Drive beginning Monday, November 7th -Tuesday, November 22nd.
Non-perishable food items are accepted. The classroom with the most donations (cans) will receive a gingerbread house decorating party in December.  

I hope our kiddos win.

Mrs. Korte

Newsletter the Week of October 31 – November 4th

I’m going to start this newsletter with our learning content for the week, because spelling this week is TRICKY.


The first-grade team plans lessons with learning goals and rigor each week. It is paced with the Dearborn Education Curriculum. We are off just a bit in our Unit 2 Benchmark. We had lots of festivities and events planned last week. These are the things your child will remember about first grade. Please know that I always catch up with the curriculum though.

    • As I wrote at the beginning of the newsletter this week is TRICKY. Please start practicing asap. We learned all of the short vowels. We learned how you can change the beginning letter (onset) and put a new letter on the ending (rhyme) to make new words. This week is completely different. This week the list will be focusing on the beginning (onset) and the kids will learn how to blend 2 letters together.
      • class
      • clip
      • clock
      • flat
      • flag
      • flick
      • block
      • black
      • put
      • what
      • want
      • this
      • saw
    • We have our: A Time When I was Brave blueprint ready for edits and revisions. Your child will be meeting with me at a writing conference. We will edit any misspelled words, add capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, and add punctuation at the end of a sentence. We will revise the writing by changing some words or sentences to make it better. Then your child will be ready to write their final copy. We will hang the final copies in the hallway for visitors to read. Please remember, Writer’s Workshop is highly guided by me, the teacher. The report card will be mostly marked 3 (progressing) for everyone. We are progressing and learning the process writing.
    • We read EVERY day. I am working to get to your child’s small reading group more often. Please make sure to allow your child to read their books to you each night they bring their book bag. Then sign their card.


Last week, we learned to use a number line. The math series calls it a number path. This was tricky for quite a few kids. They want to start counting the number they are already on. Please practice count on a number line. One of the best games to do this with is Chutes and Ladders. We will continue with subtraction


We are going to finish up life science. We started it with the Unit 1 Benchmark, in ELA. This week, we will learn about mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. We will specifically look at their body coverings and body parts. What do they all need to survive, will be a driving question.


We took our Civics Social Studies assessment on Thursday. If your child was absent, they will have a blank grade for Social Studies this quarter. They will take the assessment this week, and their grade will show up in the second quarter.

We have a full week of school. Election Day is the following week.

Friday was the official end of our first quarter. I submitted all of the grades. We have lots of progressing grades due to the nature of the lessons being very guided. If your child is missing any grade, it is due to absences. Also, I noted that we do much better on the tasks, quizzes, and formative and summative assessments when we are all in class. Absences are impacting the understanding of the content.

Report cards will be distributed at the parent-teacher conference. Reminders were sent home last week.

Thursday was so much fun! Thank you to Mrs. Faraj, all of the Geer Park staff, and the fantastic Geer Park PTA for the wonderful experience. Here are some photos from the day.

Fall Celebration Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a busy day celebrating fall and having some Halloween fun.

Your child is welcome to wear their Halloween costume. It will be a bit chilly, so plan accordingly, please.

Fall Photos

Fall photos will be available tomorrow. They are $3 each.


  • Friday is a half day of school.
  • The pumpkin drawing will be at 11:45.
  • Dismissal is at 12:05.

I will be posting grades to the report card on Friday afternoon. We have had some formative and summative assessments this week. If your child has been absent, there might be a blank grade in some areas. I will still administer the assessment to your child, but the grade might be on the next report card. All final grades are due, by the teachers, Friday afternoon.

Newsletter for the Week of October 24 – 28th

Wow! We had snow during the week and then summer temperatures on Saturday. Crazy Michigan weather. Hopefully, you had a chance to get out and enjoy Saturday with your first grader. I went to two soccer games. We intended to go get our pumpkins, but we all fell asleep in the car while Mr. Korte drove home. Oops.

Even though the weather was warm this weekend, it will not last. This is Michigan and even though it is fall… we must remember that winter is coming. Please check the temperatures before leaving. If it is cold, dress your first grader in a warm coat. I will always monitor the temperature before all recesses. If it is warm, we can leave the coat inside.

This is going to be a busy week. Please watch for notification from the school.

  • Wednesday, October 26 – 9:30 Parent Education Meeting – Screen Time and the Brain – Please mark your calender and please consider attending.
  • Wednesday, October 26 – 10:30 PTA meeting – Again, please consider attending.
  • Thursday, October 27 – 10:00am – 1st Grade Pumpkin Patch
  • Thursday, October 27 – 2:15pm – 1st Grade Parade
  • Friday, October 28 – Half Day of school Dismissal at 12:05

Thank you for your support at home

I want to thank all of the families who are reading, completing the math homework, and completing the spelling homework. I CAN see a difference in the overall understanding and application in the content we must learn. It will make a huge difference in the overall growth for the year too.

A side note, if your first grader is sick, yes please keep them home. Other than that, please send your kiddo to school. Their attendance directly correlates to their academic success. Your child will come home completely exhausted, because we exercise our brain all day long. FYI, some of them tell me, “I’m tired” at 3:00. Yes, they all are tired by the end of the day. We really do work hard in the classroom. You should be so proud of your first grader.

Again, thank you for your help and support.


We are using our second Benchmark unit booklet. We are learning about characters in stories. The kids are having a great time hearing many variations of Little Red Riding Hood. Some are really funny. We are also learning that the author tends to have a purpose in these stories. They are trying to teach the reader a lesson.

Please let your first grader read their book bag books to you and sign their literacy log. It is your way to monitor when I meet with your child, their new books, their old books to read for fluency, and it is my way to monitor if they are reading at home.


This week is the short u sound

  1. rug
  2. bug
  3. hug
  4. fun
  5. run
  6. sun
  7. up
  8. cup
  9. come
  10. here
  11. of


We are going to start subtraction as a known addend. Their understanding of a number bond is really important to fully understand this concept.


We took a small break from science. We will resume next week.

Social Studies

We are almost finished with our Civics unit. I will be assessing this week.

Have a great week! Mrs. Korte

Classroom News for the Week of October 17 – 21, 2022

What a beautiful weekend! Mine was super busy because my youngest, a freshman, had homecoming, a cross-country race, more homecoming, and a soccer game. At least most of it was outside, where we could enjoy the lovely changing of the leaves.

The temperatures have really dropped this weekend. The forecast for the coming week is cold temperatures. Please SEND YOUR FIRST GRADER WITH A HEAVY COAT. I promise to check the temperature before all recesses. If it is in the 60-70s we will leave them in the room. I cannot risk your first graders getting sick.

Please send your child’s library book back to school. I sent home reminders for families on Friday.

  • Monday, October 17 – Library Day, and we will participate in Math-a-thon in the afternoon for fun. Fast math facts! We’ve got this.
  • Tuesday, October 18 – We have P.E. Wear your gym shoes, please.

Pumpkin Raffle

The pumpkins are starting to fill up the display case by the cafeteria. They will be raffled off. Tickets will be sold outside before school starts. They are 50 cents a piece.

Thank you to all of the parents who have been working diligently with your first grader. With me teaching and practicing in the classroom and with you working on the math homework, spelling homework, and reading/signing the literacy log, I have seen a huge improvement in understanding of academic learning goals.

Thank you so much for your help.


Reading Instruction and Reading Groups

We have a workbook that we read, annotate, and write in every day. It is at grade level. I will be sending Unit 1 home so that you can see all of the work we do together.

I am also meeting with your child in a reading group. The instruction at your child’s reading level. It is crucial that your child read their book to you to build their independent reading capabilities.


List 4 has the short e sound like at the beginning of elephant and entrance.

  • ten
  • men
  • pen
  • let
  • met
  • wet
  • fed
  • bed
  • look
  • are
  • to
  • my
  • said

Writer’s Workshop

During direct writing instruction, called writer’s workshop, we are writing a narrative (story) about a time when we were brave. This process takes about two weeks.


We are finishing up looking at mathematical patterns. We will have a topic quiz and a mid-module assessment this week. By the end of the week, we will start subtraction. It will look different from how we learned. Our math series relates it to addition.

Social Studies

We are almost finished with our Civics unit in Social Studies. Last week, we voted on an activity for the next indoor lunch recess. Some of the kids were disappointed that their activities did not get picked, but we learned that “majority rules”. We also learned that if you vote for both, your ballot is null and void.

We will learn about being a good citizen at school and some symbols that are linked to the United States of America, like the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, the White House, a bald eagle, and several more.


We will learn that animals’ body coverings help distinguish them from other animals. The can be groups accordingly too.

Again, thank you so much for your support. Have a great week and bundle your little one up this week.

Mrs. Korte