What’s New the Week of February 19th?

I hope you have a lovely 4 day weekend.  Happy President’s Day!

Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, February 18th – No School – President’s Day!
  • Thursday, February 21 – TENTATIVE – Family Movie Night – 5-7  I will try to find out more information about this.

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Due to the weather and the shortened week, Abby will finish up being our star this week.  She will pick a new star on Friday.  Ask your first grader about her show and tell.  It had to do with coding and programming.  Very neat!

Photos from Wednesday

We had a great Valentine’s Day Luncheon.  The kids LOVED sight word bingo.  Mustafa was an amazing sport, because 20 words were called before he had a match.  Not one complaint.  🙂  They also LOVED opening their valentines.

I sent my tic tac toe cookie valentine today.

Second Semester Goals

Even though we are in the second semester, it doesn’t really seem like it with all the days off.  We will be working to update our goals this week.  We will tape new soccer balls into our take home folders before Friday.

NWEA is Complete

We had our NWEA testing completed for a while.  As soon as the District’s scores are in the system, I will print a copy out for you and send it home.  Thank you for your patience.  (The weather and school closings have delayed this process just a bit.)

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    • We will be reading and writing in class and at home.  Please remember, even if your child is a fluent reader, they need a parent to listen to their reading.  First graders do not know if they are mispronouncing a tricky word.  Out of habit, they just keep reading.  Also, as the adult, we need to monitor words that might not be in their everyday vocabulary.  For example, recently a group had the word film, as in film for a camera.  None of the students had ever seen real film for a camera.  The easiest thing we can do as parents and adults is use the technology at our fingertips.  Look up images on Google.  Take about it with our little ones.
    • Also, if your child has more than one book in the book bag, you must sit with your child and listen to the new book.  After that, your child must read all the other books in the book bag.  That would be the 20 minutes of reading required each night.  
    • We are writing an opinion piece about weather.
    • The words are on the spelling page.  Please start practicing today.  This is the best way to practice printing too.  By now, all of the students should be a 2 or 1 on printing.
  • MATH
    • The big concepts for math this week are:
      • subtracting 9, 8, or 7 from a teen,
      • and being fast and flexible with the take from ten or counting on strategy.  Here is an example of a take from ten (on the left) and counting on (on the right).








    • Due to the school closing on Tuesday, we did not get to the phase of the moon and why.  We will to that this week.
    • We are going to continue learning about President’s Day on Tuesday.
    • We will also continue to learn about Jobs that provide goods or services.

Thanks again for all of your patience during these past weeks with the weather.  I am trying to get all of the academics in, but it is SO tricky.  Thank you for your patience with the drop off and pick up.  Our goal it to keep the kids safe.  It is working.  Also, thank you for all the sweet and thoughtful treats for Valentine’s Day.

Thank You AND end of the week Reminders

Thank you for all of the lovely Valentine’s Day treats and gifts.  So thoughtful and kind.  I have a special valentine for the students.  I am bring them tomorrow.  Nothing big, but I think they are super cute.

Thank you for your patience during pick – up today.  Due to the weather, we had the students safe and warm in the gymnasium. (Similar to the rainy day.)  It took a bit more time, but you are warm and they are warm and safe.  Win! Win!  So that you know, this will be protocol when the weather is bad.  You child’s warmth and safety is our goal.

Barn Hill Animal Program

The PTA sponsored program was amazing!  Unfortunately, due to the change in day and time, only half of the students in the school were able to have their photos taken.  They will be coming back to take photos.  We do not have the date yet, but it WILL happen.  Thank you again for your patience.  This February weather has thrown everything for a loop.

End of the Week Reminders:

  • We will check out library books tomorrow, because there is no school on Friday.
  • Tomorrow is a half day.  11:45 dismissal
  • No School on Friday
  • No School on Monday

Valentine Lunch Tomorrow!

Our Valentine’s Day lunch is tomorrow.  Do not pack a lunch, but you still can send an afternoon snack.  

Please send in your child’s valentines in the morning.  She/he will be allowed to deliver them to the mailboxes in the morning.

This is our shortest, easiest, and most laid back party.

  • We will have bingo first.
  • Next, the kids will enjoy cheese pizza, fruit, veggies, and a cupcake.
  • We will end our party by opening valentines.  The kids LOVE this part.

It is very short.

IF SCHOOL IS CANCELLED, there WILL be a PLAN B for Thursday…stay tuned.  

Happy 100th Day of School!

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We had a lovely day working as partners on small projects.  We didn’t go crazy, but we had a good time.  
Well…we went a little crazy.


What’s New the Week of February 11-14, 2019

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, February 11
    • 100th Day of School – Wear 100 – This is still our 100th day.  Ours would have been Friday.  For some reason, classrooms had different counts.  I made adjustments for the possible inclimate weather day.
    • All permission slips for the PTA program must be returned.Permission Slip
    • Send in your child’s valentines, if they are ready.  He/She will put them in mailboxes.
  • Tuesday, February 12
    • PTA animal program  (MUST have the permission slip returned to attend.  No acceptions per the PTA.)
    • Send in your child’s valentines, if they are ready.  He/She will put them in mailboxes.
  • Wednesday, February 13
    • Valentine’s Day Party/Luncheon 11 – 12:30
      • This is NOT a huge party.  No stations and crafts like the other parties.
        • We will have Valentine Bingo
        • We will have a Pizza lunch
        • We will open our valentine
  • Thursday, February 14
    • Half day of school – 11:45 release time.
  • Friday, February 15  NO SCHOOL

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Thank you so much for being our star, Nick.  You did a wonderful job reading your story to the class!  Congratulations to Abigail!  You are our new Star of the Week.

Learning Goals for this Week

I really need a full week of teaching.  Ahhh!


I am meeting regularly with Strategy Groups.  They are all doing some similar and different things:

  • Informational Nonfiction
    • Text Features
    • Comprehension responses written in a complete sentence.
    • Learning the meaning and pronunciation of new or trick words.
  • Folk Tales
    • What is the author trying to teach us?
    • Learning the meaning and pronunciation of new or trick words.
    • Text to text, text to self, text to world connections

Your child should be reading 20 minutes a night.  That means reading all the books in the book bag.  Not just the new book.  If your child does not have their book bag, then they should be reading other books at home.  This is your opportunity to visit the public library.  They have a great selection.


The words are posted for next week.  The spelling test is on Thursday.  There are 3 spelling patterns for the long e.  Please practice.  Please do this in the written format.   That is the only way your child will improve his/her fine motor skills.


We have been subtracting 9 from 10 and from teens.  We will be subtracting 8 from 10.  We will also be practicing multiple strategies to be more efficient.

NOTE:  If you child is not doing what the directions are requiring, then full points will not be reward on homework, quizzes, and summative assessments.  Your child is a reader.  He/She practices reading the directions in class.  This is an important skill.


We will be having duel Science and Social Studies this week.  Due to the crazy schedules.  We are going to learn about the phases of the moon and why it happens.


We will be having duel Science and Social Studies this week.  We are going to learn about producers and consumers.

Have a great weekend.  Thank you for your patience with me, all of my blog posts, all of the crazy days at school, and all of the academic help at home.  You are the best!

Permission Slip for PTA Presentation

Permission slips MUST be signed and turned in to the teacher by Monday, February 11th for your student to be able to attend the program. No exceptions!

If you are ordering a photo too, all money towards a purchase is due with permission slip on Monday.

Howard PTA

Dear Parents,

I gave all of the permission slips out today to your first grader. (I did not have extras.)  I found 2 on the floor.  If your child did not bring the permission slip home, you may click on the link below.  It will take you to another page that has Permission Slip underlined.  Click on it again and the permission slip will appear.  You will need to print out your own.

Again, per the PTA message above, your child will not be allowed to attend without this permission slip.  Thank you.


Mrs. Korte

Permission Slip

We’re ready when you are.

We decorated our mailboxes with our big buddies today.  We are ready for Valentines to be delivered.  We have 21 students.  Please have your child make a Valentine for each person.  A list of names is located at the top of my blog:  Student Names

You are welcome to send them in tomorrow, Friday, for your child to deliver.

Your child may also deliver them on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  We will open them on Wednesday.

Our Valentine’s Day Party is NOT on Valentine’s Day. We only have 1/2 a day of school on Wednesday, so it is not enough time to have a pizza lunch party.  Our Valentine’s Day party is on Wednesday, February 13th from 11 – 12:30.

I will have my Valentine for your little one on Valentine’s Day, so that it is still special.




Monday is the 100th Day of School

Due to all of the inclimate weather days, the 100th day of school is on Monday.  Our theme in first grade is wearing 100.

If you look online there are so many 100 day of school shirt ideas.  Please get started now with your child.  I will post all of our cuties.  Again, Google 100 day of school shirt.  Then click images.  There are SO many to choose from.

Here are a few ideas:

Image result for 100 day of school shirtImage result for 100 day of school shirtRelated imageImage result for 100 day of school shirt

Image result for 100 day of school shirtRelated imageImage result for 100 day of school shirt

Empty Tissue Box

Please, please remember to send in an empty tissue box (or an empty shoe box will work too) by Wednesday.

We are decorating our Valentine’s Day mailboxes with our big buddies on Thursday morning at 9:00.  I don’t mean to keep asking, but only 9 students have brought theirs in.


Related imageImage result for empty shoebox

What’s New for the Week of February 4 – 8, 2019

Related image

Please send in an empty tissue box by Wednesday.  We will be making Valentine’s Day Mailboxes on Thursday with our buddies.

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Wednesday, February 6th is a late arrival day.

Image result for star of the week

Thank you Hassan for being our star and for you patience during all of these cancelled school days.  Congratulations to Nick!  You are our new Star of the Week!

Image result for what are we learning


Book bags have started to come home again.  We will be doing reading and writing for the rest of the school year for most of the groups.


These cancelled school days have messed with our pacing just a bit.  We are working on our final draft about dog facts.  We will get it done this week.


These are going to be tricky words.  They are on the spelling page already.  Both spelling patterns make the long a vowel sound.  Please start practicing right away.  Thank you.


Remember to always draw the picture to match the math homework.  That shows your child’s thinking.  This is what is expected for all quizzes and assessments.


Due to the cancelled school days, we did not get to science at all last week.

We are learning that the Sun is the proper name of the closest star to us.  There are no other Suns, but there are other stars with they own name.  Stars are sometime grouped together to make a constellation.  We will make our own constellation next week.

Have a great weekend and next week!  I can’t believe next Friday is already February.  Thank you for your support!