Wednesday, June 10th

Good morning first grade friend and first grade familes. This is an informational blog for all.

Today is the last Big Blue Button

I hope to see all.

Thursday I will be driving around delivering

I have a special summer treat and a surprise for the parents. Mrs. Nasser has a special treat too, so she will be following me for the deliveries.

Summer Focus Time and Practice

Many families have reached out about the summer. They have a really nice routine with you, the first grader, that they want to know what will be available.

To start with, you have Module 6. If you want a video lesson to match what you are doing in Module 6, then look up Kristin Arwood on YouTube. She does the Independent Learner videos that I have been using. She is amazing.

It is my understanding that all of you will still have access to

  • Zearn,
  • Raz-Kids, and
  • Epic.

There are many of other links on my blog that can be use too.

  • ixl
  • abcya
  • math is fun
  • shepards software
  • starfall

I would say that a summer workbook is not necessary, because you have so much to use. If you REALLY want to keep learning, then my suggestion is the BrainQuest workbook. I would get grade 2. I believe it is orange. This will give your brand new second grader practice and a foot up on second grade concepts.

Have a great day!

Friday, June 5th

Good morning! I will be doing our BBB from the classroom today. I will be finishing the packing of the room.

Photos from your friends!


You have your End of Module 5 Assessment on Google Classroom today.

Once you finish your math assessment, I have a Summer story for you.

If you have been keeping up with your assignments everyday and you finished your Module 5 Assessment, then you are done for the summer. 🎉 Yay!

If you are behind on completing past assignments, then you have until next Wednesday to get them done and turned in. Please get started right away. Thanks.

Thursday, June 4th

Good morning first grade friend. What do you have planned for the day? I think I am going to bike when work is done. So let’s…

You are almost finished with your assignments for the year.


This is your choice day. 15 minutes of Raz-Kids or Epic! You could even extend it to 20 if you choose.


Today is a review. Use the exit tickets from Module 5. Practice the things that are tricky with shapes and time. We will have our End of the Module quiz tomorrow.


I found a neat mystery science video that relates to what we were learning. This video is the enjoyment of learning something new.


Pop into any one of these specials. If you haven’t been to one of the blogs, then check that one out.

Wednesday, June 3rd

Good morning first grade friend! You are almost there. You are halfway through the week and 3 days away from being done with school work.

Yesterday, we finished off with our illustrator Christian Robinson. I love his books. I read Leo to my friends who showed up for BBB. Today I will read, Don’t Call Me BEAR! during BBB.

Christian Robinson made me think of Eric Carle. They sketch and then cut out colored paper to match the sketch. Then they glue the pieces together. Here is the video I was going to share with you during school. Then I read different Eric Carle books to the class. I always have the kids make the papers, just like Eric Carle. Then I let everyone make their own pictures by cutting out pieces of colorful paper.

If you would like to so this at home and take a photo. That would be awesome! I will share them on the blog.


Again, your choice day. Please read 15-20 minutes on either Raz-Kids or Epic! Yesterday, Ali told me that he did his 15 and decided to just do 5 more minutes to make 20. He said, “It was easy.” 👍


I need you to tell me some special things about you. You have a Google Classroom activity on Work on Writing. You are just answering questions or me. I will use your answers to make something. OK?


Check your work.

This is the only video I could find for lesson 13. There is a template that he will be using. You have it too. It is on page 267.

Our assignment for today is…

  • the Application Problem on page 261,
  • the Problem Set on pages 263 and 264, and
  • Zearn when you have an opportunity. (Lily wrote me and she finished all the missions. It tells you that you are now in second grade. Has anyone else finished all of the missions?)


You have your plants quiz on Google Classroom.


If you haven’t had an opportunity to pop onto one of these blog, please do so. There are so many activities to do.

Tuesday, June 2nd

Good morning first grade friend!

I was in the classroom yesterday for our BBB. I read a book from our library to Ali, Ali, Abbas, Layla, and Harper. I put away all of our things when we were done. I brought home several new books that I got from our last book order that I didn’t have an opportunity to read to you. I will share them this week during our BBB time.

I had the BEST surprise today. Epic! emailed me. You all work together and have read 1,300 books. You earned this badge.

Way to go first graders! Keep up the great work. Remember, Epic and Raz-Kids are available to you all summer.

Your Video Read Aloud Today

We started to read books that were illustrated by Christian Robinson. We read three. Then we had to go home and stay home. When I cleaned up I found Leo. I will read it to you today. I want you to meet Christian Robinson. I find him very inspiring illustrator. He reminds me of Eric Carle, because they both make their pictures the same way. Meet Christian Robinson.

During our BBB, I will read Leo. This book has the words by Julie Fogliano and pictures by Christian Robinson. When’s my Birthday?

Time to spread your wings and learn.


Today is your choice day. Raz-Kids to level up or Epic! Give me 15 minutes minimum. OK?

Again, I am SO proud of you all for reading 1,300 books together.

Here is another Librarian from the Black Lagoon.


Check your work.

So, you do not have a video lesson for 12. It is just more practice learning where the hand go on the analog clock.

Our assignment for today is…

  • the Application Problem on page 255,
  • the Problem Set on pages 257 and 258,
  • AND when you have down time go to Zearn. Maybe if it is raining or maybe while someone is making you lunch or dinner. 👍


Here are Aya’s cucumber seeds. If you put seeds in a bag, like we did, send a picture of them growing.


You have a Social Studies Quiz on Google Classroom. Last one for the year. Whoo hoo!


If you haven’t popped into Music, Art, Media, or P.E. please do. By the way, Mrs. Bagnall did a Masked Singer for you. You get to watch the videos and then pick the masked singer

Monday, June 1st

Good morning first grade friends! This is the last week of new learning. I have light coursework for today. I will have the BBB on at 10.

We did not have an opportunity to read some of my favorite Leo Lionni books this year. I was thought about this one, because I was thinking about how colors mix this weekend while I was painting the deck. This one is called, Little Blue and Little Yellow.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to go to Mrs. Thomas’ or Mrs. Bagnall’s blog, please check them out.


More Librarians.

I’m going to have you go to Raz Kids today. Read for 15 minutes and work toward a Level Up.


Check your work.

Lesson 11

Our math work for today is…

  • the Application Problem on page 249,
  • the Problem Set on pages 251 and 252,
  • the Sprint on page 83, and
  • after you are done playing outside and mom/dad is cooking dinner, jump onto Zearn.


So I looked at my bean seeds on Saturday. I had only one root started. It was on the middle bean. Now I can see that the bean on the right is starting to grow a root. I think it is interesting that the root grows first. If you put seeds in a baggies. Take a peek. You might see it starting to grow.

So for a review about what a plant needs to survive and plant parts. Here is a video.

Have a great day! Remember, if you haven’t been to the Art, Music, Media, or P.E. blogs, please try to go this week. Those teachers are expected to monitor learning too.

Friday, May 29th

Happy Friday! It was so good to see so many of you yesterday. Some on BBB and some at that the school. I miss you all!

Some of us are starting to see friends and family safely and in small groups. With the weekend coming up, I thought about A Weekend with Wendell. Hopefully Wendell does not come to your house.

I will open BBB from 10:00 until 10:30.

I will open up the Big Blue Button at 10:00. Remember, you don’t have to tune in, but it is always nice to see everyone.


Look at all the Librarians from the Black Lagoon. We should show Mrs. Turk. She would like these.

You have The School Nurse from the Black Lagoon to read. It is on Google Classroom.

I also have The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon assigned on Epic! If you want to wait and listen to it later. That is ok.


Module 5, Lesson 10 TIME!

Our work for today is…

  • Application Problem on page 243,
  • Problem Set on pages 245 and 246,
  • Sprint on page 83, and
  • Zearn later on in the day.


Artifact Sort: Past v. Present on Google Classroom

Pop into Media Center today with Mrs. Turk. Here is her blog: