March 14

Schedule with Checklist for Students at Home AND SPECIALS begin this week via zoom! Links imbedded with times on the checklists.

Please refer to the schedule and checklist when students are at home. All assignments are counted including RAZ and Zearn. Specials will begin this week. I’ve included the zoom links and times for specials from the checklist.

For students attending in person, please make sure they have the following everyday:

  1. Green folder with packets and booklet
  2. CHARGED chromebook OR device from home if comfortable sending
  3. LEARN math book (Succeed can stay home)
  4. Journal/Notebook
  5. Pencil/crayon box
  6. Water Bottle/Healthy Snack
  7. White Board/marker/eraser
  8. Reading Bag (These are being sent home this week) THANK YOU to parents that gave the $5 for bags!

These materials will be used daily in the classroom and with our shorter days it will help if each child is prepared! 🙂

Thank you for everything! Looking forward to full week!!!!

Miss Kibilko

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