October 8

Parent Access to Schoology

Dear Families,

Yesterday an email came to you from Troy regarding parent access to schoology. It is different than how your child will access it. This gives you the ability to view schoology on your own. I just received notice of this and I am sharing the email I received in case you have questions, this is all I know 🙂

Parents go to a different URL than students. – Parents will go to https://app.schoology.com *- Students (and teachers) will still go to https://dearbornschools.schoology.com
Once the parents login in, they should change their password. (Their user name will be the same as their Parent Connect user name with a P before the number. Thus, if their Parent Connect user name is 1234567, their Schoology user name will be p1234567)
There is a post with information for parents on the Home Learning Hub (including a translated version of the email). 
Thank you for all that you are doing.
*The Parent URL sent in the email will also have the school code embedded at the end of the URL. So it will actually be https://app.schoology.com/login?school=xxxxxxxxx (where the x’s are numbers representing the school code). 
**Special Note for Employees that are also parents. You will have two different accounts in Schoology (with two different URL’s to go to in order to sign in). When you are acting as an Employee, you will use the https://dearbornschools.schoology.com link (or the link on the Staff portal). When you sign in as a parent, you will use the https://app.schoology.com (or the link on the parent portal or Home Learning Hub). This will help keep your roles separate. 

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