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Summer Self Care Tips

on May 10, 2018

The summer months are coming up and it is a great opportunity to practice self care.  Along with the temperature, tensions can begin to rise which will be costly to your valuable summer experience.  Here are some tips to help you practice self care this summer:

  1. Get a mindfulness app.  Many people like the app Headspace, I personally use the app Calm.  These apps are great because they have mindfulness reminders to keep you grounded throughout the day, guided meditations, encouraging words, calming soundscapes, etc.  These apps are a great way to incorporate more mindfulness in your day.
  2. Get moving!  Exercise is wonderful for your brain as it increases your levels of serotonin, or what I like to call the happy chemicals.  You don’t have to have a gym membership nor do you have to do a really sweaty exercise to benefit from exercise. Taking the time to go for a walk, bike ride, stretching, dancing, etc. will do great wonders for your mind and your body.  Doing any of these exercises in the sunshine is also an amazing way to get a healthy dose of vitamin D.
  3. Ask for help.  Allow yourself to reach out and seek help if you need it.  Oftentimes we fear being a burden on others and it means that we carry heavy loads all by ourselves.  Maybe we fear being disappointed if others don’t come through for us or don’t want to help. Although these are valid and troublesome worries it can be really relieving for our stress levels if we push ourselves to let go of these fears and allow others to help us.  
  4. Makes sure to plan something fun for yourself each week (AT LEAST).  I personally have a very difficult time having fun or relaxing if I have work to do or work I should do.  This can be very paralyzing because our bodies and minds need rest. Taking time to watch a funny show, hang out with a friend, go bowling, sing karaoke, or anything that makes you laugh is also really good for your brain and mood level.  We want to make sure we are cultivating happiness and joy as much as we are working hard and accomplishing goals.

These are just a couple ways to look after yourself and improve your self care habits.  Try to make some of them happen this summer! You’ll be grateful you did 🙂



Grace Jackson

School Social Work Intern

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