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Habit 6: Family Fun Synergy

on April 10, 2018

Habit # 6: Synergize: Together is Better!

Nothing speaks louder for synergize than quality family time together.
I hope that Spring Break gave you and your family time to make new memories and enjoy each other’s company. Its not always rainbows and butterflies when it comes to family time with all the stress and deadlines of jobs and school. However, the time you carve out of your schedule to be with your family creates memories that last beyond the hectic moments.
In the spirit of habit time, I encourage you and your family to take on a family activity, practicing teamwork through togetherness. Here are a few ideas:

1) Play a board game together
2) Have team clean family “pick-up” party with a family reward to follow
3) Go on an ABC scavenger hunt and find items that begin with every letter of the alphabet. Maybe make teams and fuel some healthy competition.
4) Make a collage out of old magazines: Pick a theme, a color, or the letters in your name
5) Prepare a meal together, make a dessert, research new food from different countries
6) Complete a craft
7) Create a “Kabob” themed meal or snack using fruit, veggies, or mini sandwiches (as seen in the photo above)
8) Create a fort either inside or outside of the house

After your fun family activity create a Family Synergy Reflection.

1) What synergy activity did your family choose?
2) How did you synergize and work together?
3) What was the best part?
4) Would you do it again? Why?
5) What other family synergy activities would you like to try?


Created by Ally DeMaagd, Social Work Intern

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