About Mr. Neff, school teacher librarian & computer expert

Because the Dearborn Schools are some of the very best schools in Michigan, I am quite proud to serve as the teacher media specialist for DuVall Elementary. (I’ve worked in the district for years now.  (I graduated from O.U. in 1986 & WSU in 1999..  I’ve always been a reader.  My mother taught kindergarten for over thirty years, and she loved reading so much.  Not surprisingly, most of my siblings went into teaching.)  I have successfully taught as a classroom teacher for the Catholic Diocese, and I taught computers at Pershing High School for years.  I have successfully taught as a media specialist for area school districts.  I also taught English and computers for years in West Michigan.  I am sincerely looking forward to helping your student read more, learn more, and achieve more.  It is so important that all students learn media well, writing well, reading well, and thinking well.  I’ll try to help them to gain a love for reading and for writing.  I’m proud to be able to help with this.

Sincerely,   Brad Neff

My daughter is Carleen Joyce Neff.  My son is Andrew Alan Neff.  My wife, a Walsh grad, is Kay Verta Holden-Neff.

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By completing writing assignments, students will then be able to work on a variety of media projects.

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