Homework for Week of 03/23

Hi guys!

I miss saying good morning to you all. I miss us sharing what we did over the weekend. I miss seeing Yara’s cute outfits in the morning. I miss seeing Mossa always walk in late lol. I miss Mohamed A.’s little dimple when he smiles. I miss Maria S. always asking about my cup and rushing to help me with everything. I miss Sara’s warm cup of coffee and her cute shoes. I miss Hadi’s hugs and his smile. I miss quiet Maria A. reading so many books at once. I miss everyone saying Suendous is like my little sister. I miss Laith’s amazing drawings. I miss Shareek always talking about soccer. I miss Ahmed walking in at 9:00 lol. I miss Ali Elchami always wanting to stand instead of sit. I miss seeing Abdellah always reading his books. I miss Omar’s speedy sentences lol. I miss Nagibah’s amazing athletic talents. I miss Ali Elmoussa squating on his chair lol. I miss Baqer’s intelligent examples to the concepts we learn. I miss Hala’s beautiful smile. I miss Rihanna always trying to be the first one out the class lol. I miss Chaza secretly doing her tiktok dances lol, thinking I don’t see her. I miss Mohammad Sailan always trying to play chess with me. I miss Abbas’s cute face.

I miss you all and I cannot wait for us to be reunited soon….<3

For this week, I want you all to go to Google Classroom and look at the most recent post. It has everything that you need to do on there.

Make sure you read the entire post on Google Classroom and comment “done” once you’ve read it. It’s also easier to ask questions on Google Classroom, so make sure to always check it!

Miss and love you all! <3

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