Exploration the week of 10/17/2022

Greetings, Friends & Families!

Poem of the week

Teeny Tiny Ghost

A teeny tiny ghost

no bigger than a mouse,

at most,

lived in a great big house.

It’s hard to haunt

a great big house

when you’re a teeny tiny ghost

no bigger than a mouse,

at most.

He did what he could do.

So every dark and stormy night—

the kind that shakes a house with fright—

if you stood still and listened right,

you’d hear a




———–Lilian Moore

What was Happening?

For all this week, we were working on our letter of the week, the letter “G”. We learned that letter “G” is for “Grapes”, and we made our samples of this letter. We decorated our room with our crafts, we also decorated our wall outside the classroom with our letter “G” sample. For our reading comprehension, we answered “What book did we read?” and “Who were the characters of the story?”. To answer these questions, we used “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” book by Steve Metzger. We are doing great in learning our core words “I” and “Want”, and we are reading “Eat the Rainbow” book from “Core First Learning” series. In math, we counted numbers 1-10, listened to a counting song, rolled a dice and counted different objects. In science, we learned about weather and calendar words. This week, we participated and enjoyed the “UPSTANDERS” assembly. We had a great and fun time during the assembly when some of us had the chance to be part of the show! We had a great time in Gym, Art, & Music.

Here is our music teacher, Mrs. Reed, link to her blog:

Mrs. Reed’s Blog (and music club information)

Enjoy this week’s story:

Enjoy this week’s pictures:

Upcoming Event:

October 28th ½ day Dismissal is at 11:25

Have a nice & safe weekend:)

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