Exploration the week of 09/12/2022

Greetings: Friends & Families!

Poem of the week

New Friend

A new friend, a true friend

A cheers-me-when-I’m-blue-friend

A sunny-day-hurray friend

A come-over-and-play friend

A nice-in-every-way friend

A new friend, a true friend

A turns-the-gray-skies-blue friend

A talk-and-talk-non-stop friend

A giggle-till-we-drop friend

A non-can-ever-top friend

A new friend, a true friend

A happy-I-met-you friend

——– Maria Fleming

What Was Happening?

  • Letter “B” was our focus during this week.
  • “B” is for “Bird” samples.
  • Letter B  poster outside the classroom.
  • For Reading comprehension & answering “What book did we read?” question, we read the “Pete the Cat: Too Cool For School” book by Kimberly & James Dean.
  • For the Core word “I”, we used the “I Said Hi” book.
  • For Math, we continued learning how to count numbers 1-10.
  • For Science, we are working on calendar & weather.
  • Had a beautiful time at the Gym, Music, and Art.

Here is a link for this week’s story to enjoy with your child:

Enjoy this week’s pictures:

Upcoming Event:

  1. September 21st Late Start

Have a nice & safe weekend:)

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