Exploration the Week of 05/16/2022

Greetings Friends & Families!

Poem of the Week


A Whale is stout about the middle

He is stout about the ends,

& so is all his family

& so are all his friends.

He’s pleased that he’s enormous,

He’s happy he weighs tons,

& so are all his daughters

& so are all his sons.

He eats when he is hungry

Each kind of food he wants,

& so are all his uncles

& so are all his aunts.

He doesn’t mind his blubber,

He doesn’t mind his creases,

& neither do his nephews

& neither do his nieces.

You may find him chubby,

You may find him fat,

But he would disagree with you:

He likes himself like that.

—————- Mary Ann Hoberman

What was happening?

  • Letter “W” was our focus during this week.
  • “We Got Letter Ww” book.
  • “My letter W” book”.
  • “W” is for “Worm” samples.
  • Letter “W” poster outside the classroom.
  • For Reading comprehension & answering “What book did we read?” question, we read the “The Very Lonely Firefly” book by Eric Carle.
  • For the Core word “STOP”, we used the “Stop Doing That” book.
  • For Math, we continued discovering the concept of measurement, and to revisit shapes, we used “Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book” written by “Alan Baker”. We also visited our counting comprehension by counting different items in the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” book by Eric Carle. 
  • For Science, we started “the life cycle of the butterfly” and we used the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” book by Eric Carle. 
  • Had a beautiful time at the Gym, Music, and Art.
  • Big thanks & shouts to Dante P., Abdou A., Aya A., & Selene M. the fourth graders of Mrs. Polster’s class for reading with us on Thursday afternoon. Guys, you are amazing!

Enjoy this week’s pictures:

The Very Lonely Firefly (Board Book)

Upcoming Events:

May 26 Life Town field trip

May 27 – May 30 NO SCHOOL

Have a nice & safe weekend 🙂

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