March Art

Even though we only had art for two classes during the month of March, a lot of learning and creating still happened in the art room!

During the month of March young 5 and kindergarten artists finished their caterpillar collages! They glued their leaf prints to a background paper and drew some leaves of their own, then glued their painted caterpillars on top.

First grade artists created pear still lifes!

They started with black crayon to practice looking for shapes and lines that they could draw to show what they were seeing in front of them. They also began to learn about shadows and how to use shadows to create the illusion of a 3D shape!

The next class they used chalk to try to create shadows and colors that they saw on the pears on their tables on a new paper.

Second grade artists finished their circle weavings! They could choose to add fringe, beads, and/or feathers for extra decoration.

Then they started sketching a house design that was going to be used as a plan for a clay project.

Third grade artists finished their non-objective, balanced collages!

Then they learned how to draw using one-point perspective! They drew shapes floating around a vanishing point and then made the shapes look like they were moving back into space.

Fifth grade artists finished folding their abstract poem books.

Then they began to create notans! They had one day to practice a notan before school was closed. (I did not have a chance to take photos of these notans before we left school.)

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