Monday, April 20, 2020

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! 

I will be sending you an email and Remind text on Wednesday with directions on how to join a video chat with our class using Google Hangouts. I am hoping to have our first meeting on Wednesday at 3:00. If it goes well, I will be planning weekly meetings every Monday at 3:00. I am looking forward to getting our class together online to catch up with each other!

Reading– Watch the video of the book Tigers.

iReady– Go on iReady for at least 10 minutes today. Begin with the two teacher assigned lessons in the blue boxes (Vowel Sound in out: ou, ow. and Prefix un-).  Clever

Spelling – Pick a game you would like to play today from List Week of 4-20-20  on Spelling City. You should take your spelling test on on this website on Friday.

Spelling Words:  owl, brown, how, now, down, tower, six, many, if, long

Math – Go on Zearn for 15 minutes today.

Social Studies– Read the Google Slide about Human and Physical Characteristics. Create the T Chart from pages 19 and 20 in your journal.

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