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Playgrounds CLOSED

During the State of Michigan mandated shut down, all Dearborn Public School facilities, including playgrounds, and athletic fields, will be closed to the public. Please do not attempt to go onto the fields or access the playgrounds.  If you are found on the property you will be asked to leave.  

The Governor has ordered that we all shelter in place.  This is not a recommendation or suggestion. This action is being taken to help in the effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to mitigate the number of people becoming sick. Hospitals in southeastern Michigan are being overwhelmed and are reaching the point where they are unable to meet the needs of those arriving for care. We must all do our part to help slow the spread of this virus and remain at home!  

The Governor did say that it is ok to go for a walk, run, or bike ride. However, we can not gather in groups at local parks or playgrounds.

We look forward to the day, hopefully in the not too distant future, when our facilities will once again be open to the public and we can all return to our regular routines. The District appreciates all of the support that the Dearborn community has shown and the tremendous amount of community spirit that has been demonstrated during this very difficult time.  Together we will get through this, one community, #DearbornStrong!

بيان :إغلاق الملاعب
على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي ومشاركتها مع جميع المدراء لوضعها على مدونات مدارسهم.
صباح الخير،
بحلول عطلة نهاية الاسبوع وعلى الرغم من أن توقعات الطقس تبين هطول الامطار ، إلا أننا جميعًا نحب
الخروج واستنشاق بعض الهواء النقي. هذا صحيح بشكل خاص خلال هذا الوقت من العام عندما تبدأ درجات
الحرارة في الارتفاع ونمضي الكثير من الوقت في الداخل
يعتقد الكثيرون أنه قد يكون من الجيد أن يخرج الاطفال للعب مع صديق واحد أو اثنين. للاسف ،لا يجب
علينا القيام بشيء كهذا في هذا الوقت. المعركة لوقف انتشار فيروس كورونا 19 COVID مستمرة  والتجمع
في مجموعات صغيرة ، حتى في الخارج. ، في الحديقة الخلفية  أمراً مرفوضاً لا يمكننا القيام به.

أثناء اغلاق ولاية ميشيغان ، سيتم إغلاق جميع مرافق مدارس ديربورن الرسمية أمام العامة، بما في ذلك الملاعب ، والصالات الرياضية. من فضلكم، لا  تحاولوا الذهاب إلى الملاعب الخارجية أو الوصول إلى الملاعب  الداخلية. إذا تم العثور عليكم في أي جزء من ملكية المدارس سيُطلب منكم المغادرة.
لقد اصدرت حاكمة الولاية امراً بأن نلزم منازلنا جميعاً. هذه ليست توصية أو اقتراح.
 يتم اتخاذ هذاالاجراء  لتعزيز الجهود المبذولة لابطاء انتشار فيروس 19-COVID والتخفيف من عدد الاصابات..
 تعاني المستشفيات في جنوب شرق ميشيغان من الاكتظاظ وقد وصلت إلى النقطة التي لن تكون قادرة فيها على
تلبية احتياجات أولئك الذين يصلون للحصول على الرعاية. يجب علينا جميعًا القيام بدورنا للمساعدة في
إبطاء انتشار هذا الفيروس والبقاء في المنزل!
قالت الحاكمة أنه لا بأس بالقيام بنشاطات مثل المشي أو الجري أو ركوب الدراجة. ومع ذلك ، لا يمكننا
التجمع في مجموعات في الحدائق المحلية أو الملاعب.
نتطلع إلى اليوم ، ونأمل أن يأتي هذا اليوم في المستقبل القريب ، الذي يعاد فيه فتح مرافقنا مرة أخرى للعامة
وعودتنا جميعاً إلى روتيننا المعتاد. تقدر المقاطعة كل الدعم الذي أظهره مجتمع ديربورن والتعاضد العظيم.
والتحلي بالروح الواحدة التي ظهرت خلال هذا الوقت العصيب. معًا سنتجاوز هذا كمجتمع واحد ، # ديربورن

FREE Dearborn Public Library Card for E access

Dearborn Public Library has set up a way for residents of Dearborn/Dearborn Heights to remotely register for temporary Dearborn Public Library cards.  These cards will allow access to all Dearborn Public Library electronic materials.  Instructions and highlights of available eResources is available through the following link:

March 23-27

Hi everyone, I MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH! I hope that you are finding things to keep you busy and checking ALL the teacher blogs & google classrooms every day! I have been posting assignments in our google classroom. You can also work on as well as to try & complete your assigned level/course. I have shared lots of resources on the websites and home pages of my blog for you to use as well.

March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month

I thought it might be nice to share previous March is reading month Links. Right now they are playing previous basketball and golf matches on TV so lets try March is reading Month Videos. Click on the links below to view the videos.

Dr. Maleyko and the Snow Day Dance.

Otter Out of Water by Dr. Chochol

Moose on the Loose by Dr. Groover

He’s been a monster all day by Maysam Alie-Bazzi.

No Pirates Allowed by David Mustonen.

The Legend of Sleeping Bear Dunes by Marget King-Ahmed

March is Reading Month Montage

Authors and Illustrators who are offering LIVE events

Authors and illustrators clearly understand the importance of reading aloud to children.  There is a growing list of authors and illustrators who are going to do live readings of their books or drawings on social media every day!  The best way to find these things is to follow the author or illustrator on the social media platform where they will be reading or sketching or singing or doing whatever it is that they are going to do in order to keep children engaged.  Here is the list…as I know it!

*Mo Willems (Elephant and Piggie) – Daily lunch doodles with Mo at 1 pm EST (Facebook, but it is through the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts page…try this link to get to it).  If you can’t get it right at 1:00, it is on their website soon after he is finished.

*Oliver Jeffers (The Day the Crayons Quit) – Daily live readings at 2 pm EST (Instagram).

*Mac Barnett (Sam and Dave Dig a Hole) – Daily live readings at 3 pm EST (Instagram).  Mac’s daily recordings will be available for 24 hours.

*Julie Falatko (Snappsy the Alligator) – Daily live readings at 4 pm EST (Instagram)

*Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Lunch Lady) – Daily live drawings at 2 pm EST (YouTube)

*Emily Arrow (Singer who writes songs based on books) – Daily livestreams at 1 pm EST (YouTube)

*Tara Lazar (7 Ate 9) – Daily live readings readings at noon EST (YouTube)

*Ben Clanton (Narwhal and Jelly) – Live author visits: March 18 at 2 pm EST and March 20 at 5 pm EST (Facebook)

*Dan Santat (After the Fall) – Dan is doing something…he’s calling it “Santat Online Survival School for the Pandemic.” Not sure what this is going to look like, but I would go and follow him on Instagram or Twitter to get the latest information. 

*Carson Ellis (Du Iz Tak?) – Carson is posting a different art club every day on her Instagram account, but the challenge will also be posted each day on her blog.

*Josh Funk (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast) – Josh will be doing Weekly Saturday Storytime at 11 am EST (Facebook and Instagram)

*Kenneth Kraegel (Green Pants) – Ken will be doing Facebook live drawings at 11 am EST from Monday, March 30 – Friday, April 3. (I will update this as we get closer to the event.


FREE access to our JLG Digital online reading platform!

With JLG Gold Standard eBooks for Elementary, Middle School and High school students, JLG Digital gives you and your readers unlimited access* to read books online from any device. There is no limit to the number of users who can access the books, so tell your home-bound students to click to their hearts’ content! Titles enter and exit the digital stream regularly, so there are always new picks available.

Enter the school-level book stream of your choice:

Username: JLGELM
Password: JLGFREE

Middle School
Username: JLGMID
Password: JLGFREE

High School
Username: JLGHI
Password: JLGFREE

JLG Digital Home:


UPDATED eBOOKS INFO: Open eBooks is actually accessible to all Dearborn students by logging in through Clever. No code needed.And keep in mind that Open eBooks is only accessible by loading the app on a phone or tablet; there is not an online option.