Math test on Wednesday

Please make sure your student study for our math test on Wednesday. A study guide has been sent home today. The main topics for the test are: telling time, number line addition/subtraction story problems, completing a sequence of numbers, counting objects.

Early Literacy After School Program Meeting

Good evening parent/guardians,

If your child is signed up for the after school program with me for early literacy their will be a parent meeting tomorrow. The meeting will start at 3:45 pm after school. The following students are signed up and have returned their permission slips: Mohammad Mohammad, Abdulrahman Nasser, Rokia Alhilfi, Abrahem Fittahy, Eshaq Saeed, Nadeen Ahmed, Muna Alsunaidi 

If you would like to sign up your child for this program their are a few more spots available, just let me know!


I want to thank all of the parents that came to our parent meeting! We all loved having you as a member of our class today. 🙂

I am looking forward to meeting with many of you on Wednesday and Thursday during conferences. If you have a meeting this week, please make sure you are on time.