Valentine’s Day Celebration Tomorrow!

Our class will be having a small Valentine’s Day party tomorrow! Please have students bring in Valentine cards and sweet treats for them to pass out to the class. Each students will be given a bag for them to decorate and to keep their cards/candy in. It would be awesome if each student participated in the fun!

Report Cards being sent home today

Report cards are coming home with students today. Please make sure you look them over along with their NWEA testing results. Please sign on the “Card Marking 2” label on the front of the envelope and send them back with your students. Please make sure our students are reading everyday and practicing with their math bags. Some of our students need to make some strong gains for them to meet their end of the year goals.

Family Math Game Night Tonight!

Please join us tonight and experience the hands-on learning power of math with your children, and enjoy an evening of fun from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m. in the Miller Cafeteria.  Participation is FREE  First 75 families will receive a FREE Math game (up to $15).   Parents/Guardians must stay with their children. Look forward to seeing you

Math bag information

Dear parents/guardians,

The students now have math bag to help reinforce math concepts we will be covering this year. As of now they should have two sets of flash cards (addition/subtraction) that they should be practicing at home on a daily basis. The concept is similar to the reading back and it’s to go home and come back to school every day. We will be adding different things to this bag as the year progresses. Please ensure our children are practicing daily.


Mr. Hammoud