Ethnic Dinner Reminder

Dear Parents,
This is a reminder that students need to return permission slips for next week’s ethnic dinner by this Friday, signed permission slips should be returned to the Office.  
The Ethnic Dinner will be taking place next Wednesday, May 9th, beginning at 5 PM. 
 This is a wonderful Miller School tradition! Please come out and join the fun!
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Care To The Core Day! (Monday)

Hello All,

Monday is our big Care To The CORE Day! 
First, on behalf of the entire Care To The CORE DAY team we want to thank all of you for arranging events and activities at your school. We are getting into the busiest time of the year and making this work is truly appreciated.  
Couple of housekeeping items before Monday’s big event… 
Attached is the final schedule of events and the schedule for the Care To The CORE tour bus.  
Several schedules have been passed around and shared but this PDF document represents the google doc that I have been updating based on information coming in over the last few days.  
You can view the actual google doc here- 
If you have any more updates please send them my way and I will make changes to this document and the website.
There is a website (blog) that also has this schedule as well as additional information on programs being done in our schools. The website is called Building Better Behaviors and can be found at-
If the tour bus is not coming to your school don’t worry, you will still have visitors to your building. All Cabinet member will be spreading out around the district to visit at least three to four different schools through out the day.  
Please take a minute to remind your community about Monday’s big event.  Attached is the logo that can be added to your school blog as well as a reminder message.  
On Monday, please remember to take pictures of the activities going on at your school. Post them to your school blog and or share them in this folder-
Use the hashtag– #caretothecore18 with all photos and comments posted and shared.
Please e-mail or call me if you have any questions or last minute changes.  I can be reached at (313) 827-3006 or cell (313) 268-9802
Again, thank you for all your help in making this day a great success! 
Your Care To The CORE Planning Team!
School Website Message-