Classroom Visit Schedule

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
TimeStudent Name
9:00-9:45Abrar Dhafifullah
9:50-10:35Adam Duais
10:40-11:25Dania Alwakeedi
11:25-12:05Elaf Alsuhaiti
12:45-1:30Essa Kaid
1:35-2:15Eyad Sailan
2:25-3:10Fahd Alhamami
3:10-3:45 Organize Files and Complete Paperwork from Homevisits
Thursday, June 9, 2022
TimeStudent NameParentAttend Y/N
9:00-9:45Hadeel Almirisi
9:50-10:35Hussein Assi
10:40-11:25Jamal Alhashidi
11:25-12:05Mohammed Ghaleb
12:45-1:30Mujahed Aljahmi
1:35-2:20Omar Abdulla
2:25-3:10Sahm Alboraihan
3:10-3:45 Organize Files and Complete Paperwork from Homevisits

Upcoming Dates for PreK:

  • April 13-14: No School for PreK (Parent-Teacher Conferences)
  • April 22: Parent University Pajama Party   9:15-10:15am
  • April 29: Parent University Birthday Party 9:15-10:15am
  • May 2-3: No School for all Dbn Students- (Eid)
  • May 4-5: Last testing for Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
  • May 16-17: No School for PreK (Preschool Application Days for next year’s students)
  • May 30: No School
  • June 8-9: No School for PreK- Home Visits
  • June 16:  Last day of PreK school year
  • June 27-July 28: Summer School
  • July 4th: No Summer School

Classroom Update

I just wanted to update everyone on what is happening in our classroom. We were hoping Ms. Hadous would be back this week, but she still has some healing to do at this time and will be out for the next three weeks at least.

Mrs. K. will be the teacher in the classroom until Ms. Hadous’ return,. Mrs. K. subbed earlier in the year for Ms. Hadous so many of the children already know her.

Ms. Hadous continues to check in with Mrs. Khatib and myself. All lesson plans are being completed by one of our other highly qualified Pre-K teachers. Also Mrs. Roe is next door to answer any immediate questions that Mrs. K or Mrs. Khatib have.

Please feel free to call me at Cotter Early Childhood Center 313-827-6150 is you have any questions.


Mrs. Modica

Early Childhood Coordinator