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Click here to access the Animal Adaptation Presentation Template.  Don’t forget to ‘Make a Copy’ in Google Docs in order to edit the template.


Click here for examples of project boards for the science fair!

Inherited Traits Examples

Getting into the Fossil Record

Fossil Record Scavenger Hunt

Body Systems

Diseases Template

Brochure Template

Body Systems research page 1

Body Systems research page 2

Body Systems research page 3 (username is geer park, password is brainpop)

Body System videos

Body Systems game

Science Fair Rubric


Skeletal System

Skeletal system diseases 

Skeletal System video

Skeletal System article

Skeletal System facts

Skeletal System games and quizzes

Skeletal System:  About

Skeletal System label the bones


Muscular System

Muscular system diseases

Muscular system article

Muscular system video

Muscular system article 2

Muscular system facts

Muscular system quiz

Muscular system games

Digestive system diseases

Digestive system article

Digestive system facts

Digestive system movie

Digestive system game

Digestive system quiz

Circulatory System

Circulatory system diseases

Circulatory system article

Circulatory system movie

Circulatory system facts

Circulatory systems quizzes and videos

Excretory System



Excretory system article

Excretory system facts

Excretory system facts 2

Excretory system diseases

Excretory system movie

Excretory system quizzes and games

Respiratory System

Respiratory system article

Respiratory system movie

Respiratory system article 2

Respiratory system quiz

Respiratory system games and quizzes

Respiratory system diseases

Nervous System

Nervous system article

Nervous system facts

Nervous system facts 2

Nervous system games

Nervous system games 2

Nervous system movie








Adaptations Resource Sheet

Fossil Website

Adaptations Template

Animal Adaptations Video (UnitedStreaming)

Inherited Traits Examples

Inherited vs. Learned Traits Example

Inherited vs. Learned Traits Slideshow

Inherited vs. Learned Traits Quiz

Biome Adaptations

Polar Pairs Adaptations Game

What It’s Like Where You Live

Animal Adaptations

Camouflage Adaptations

Adaptations Quiz

Adaptations in the Rainforest

Structural and Behavioral Adaptations

Jungle Journey

Find the Arctic Hare


BrainPop clip~Digestive System

BrainPop clip~Circulatory System

Check out this page for science research links!

The US Fish and Wildlife page~Species Search this for information on many types of animals found in the US!

The Great Plant Escape


Life History Scavenger Hunt


Prehistoric Timeline

Explorations through Time

Brainpop Fossil Activity

Brainpop Extinction Activity

What is paleontology?

Acquired Traits

DNA and Inherited Traits Webquest

Traits Quiz Notes

Science Presentations

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Physical Science Unit

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Video- Khan Academy

Newton’s First Law

Acceleration Simulation

The Motion Man

Motion Graphs Review for Test 1

Motion Graphs Review for Test 2

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Learning Module

Motion Graphs

Newton’s Laws Website

Hot Wheels Lab Experiment


Forces and Motion Module

Physics~Roller Coaster Simulation

QUIA Quiz~Vocab

Design Your Own Roller Coaster

Force, Gravity and Mass Interactive

Simple Machines Game

Science Songs

Earth Science Unit

The Earth Goes Around the Sun song

Moon Phase Quiz

Moon Phase Learning Module (great practice for the moon phase quiz!)

Graphing Site

Brainpop Video-Tides


Study Jams~Moon

Earth Science Survey

Moon Calendar

Moon Phase Calendar

Another Moon Phase Calendar

Foucault Pendulum Explanation and Demonstration

Rotation of the Earth Experiment

Seasons Article

The Reason for the Seasons Video



Asteroid Fact Page

Your Age on Other Worlds


Cool Space Website

NASA’s Image of the Day

Interactive Solar System Site

Evening Sky Map

Nat Geo Eclipse Video

Solar Eclipse Pics



Solar System Research Project Links





Planets 1

Asteroids 1

Comets 1

Meteoroids 1

Planets 2

Asteroids 2

Comets 2

Meteoroids 2

Planets 3

Asteroids 3

Comets 3

Meteoroids 3

Planets 4

Asteroids 4

Comets 4

Meteoroids 4

Planets 5

Asteroids 5

Comets 5

Meteoroids 5

Planets 6

Asteroids 6

Comets 6

Meteoroids 6

Planets 7

Asteroids 7

Comets 7

Meteoroids 7

Planets 8

Asteroids 8

Comets 8

Meteoroids 8

Planets 9

Asteroids 9

Comets 9

Meteoroids 9

Additional links:



Cool Videos

What is asthma?

Check out this link to a video clip about Mars.

Global Warming Links:

Invertebrates:  for more information, please click on the links below.


5th Grade PowerPoint:



5th Grade Science PowerPoint

Classification of Animals

5th grade Science Video on the

Classification of Living


Watch this video and answer the questions on your study guide. Work with a partner.Classification of Living Things

Scientific Method PowerPoint

4th and 5th graders, with a partner, go through this PowerPoint presentation. When you are finished, use what you learned, your science book, and your Sciencesaurus book to complete the Scientific Inquiry crossword puzzle. Have fun!


How do you begin a research report?


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