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st and sp

spill, clasp, staff,  blast, stick

Sight Words: been, off, cold, work, does


Spelling 2-3-2020

bl- & gl- words

blank, blood, bleed, blog, glue, glass
Sight Words: around, their, sleep, wash, before


blends fl and pl
flower, flash, fled, place, plot, plop
Sight Words: live, would, very, your, cannot


cl blends

close, click, clown, cliff, clam

Sight Words: again, round, give, once, walk


ing word family

cling, sting, swing, spring, king, sling, wing, sing, ring, bring 

Sight Words: by, after, think, going, walk


ell spelling pattern

tell, fell, well, spell, sell

Sight Words: any, put, take, every, old


all spelling pattern

 small, tall, mall, hall, stall

Sight Words: were, ask, over, just, from


or spelling pattern

core, shore, fort, thorn, store

Sight Words: eat, who, new, must, black



No spelling list this week- short week due to Thanksgiving break.


Next weeks spelling words: CH at the beginning of words

charm, choose, champ, chain, chime

Sight Words: want, too, pretty, four, saw


Magic e

mad, made, plan, plane,

hop, hope, cut, cute, her, here 



sh words

brush, fresh, mash, smash, wash

Sight Words: out, be, have, like, will




sh words

shoe, show, ships sheep, shower

Sight Words: play, father, brother, mother, sister



th words

bath, birth, both, math, moth

Sight Words: red, here, help, make, two



th words

thing, there, thank, them, thin

Sight Words: my, me, big, come, blue



ar words

are, yard, arm, farm, card

Sight Words: little, down, can, see, not



ed and en word families

led, sled, bed, ten, then, men

Sight Words

up, look, is, go , we


September 22, 2019

ug and un word families

slug, plug, tug, begun, sun, fun

Dolch Words

want, four, saw


September 15, 2019

od and op word families

cod, sod, drop, slop, top

Dolch words:  went, are, came, ride, into


September 8, 2019

The first spelling test went well. Students had their tests to bring home to show you. We graphed the score in their data folder. This folder will be coming home soon in their reading bag. It holds all their testing information along with words, DRA scores, NWEA scores, math, and social studies test scores. This folder is to stay in their reading folder at all times since we use it often. Thanks for all the support.

Week 2 spelling list

id, ig                 

rid, lid, slid, wig, twig, fig,

out, be, like, have, will


September 2, 2019

We begin spelling this week. Your child will have a notebook that is kept in their reading bag. Below is the spelling homework that is assigned nightly. IF it is finished in class it is not homework then. The poetry book stays in school and is assigned during our Literacy Block. The students will be given words that illustrate the spelling pattern. The given words are the hot words. On Friday students will be given the hot words plus 3 new words (cold) that have the same pattern. This is to ensure that the spelling pattern is transferring and not just memorized. There will also be 5 sight/dolch words that are assigned for the test. These are first grade words that the students need to know.

Spelling Week 1: -an  & –ap family

van, man, plan, pan, gap, flap

Dolch words: find, three, funny, was, but




Monday- Write each word 3 times each (best handwriting)

Tuesday- Poetry (this is done in class), five sentences with spelling words

Wednesday- Vowels and Consonants done in class, rainbow words done at home 

Thursday- Study the words with an adult or older sibling, comprehension page- if not finished is homework

Friday- Test

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