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The class has finished with their hearing devices and voted on the device that worked the best. Each first grade classroom voted and will present their winning device to the entire first grade on Wednesday along with Ms. Hourani’s 4th graders. This is the final step in our PBL project- the presentation to an audience. The kids are very excited to see what the other classes ended up building. I will send the video presentations through class dojo for you to see as well. Thanks for all the support and supplies.

The students have begun to construct their sound devices. The problem was:


Student Responsibilities : The Great Ear Challenge

Summary of Problem/Issue:For many reasons people may lose their sense of hearing. For example, old age and or exposure to loud sounds. 
PBL Driving Question:What can you create that will help people who have lost their hearing?How can you use different materials to create a device to help people with hearing loss?
Benefit to the community/world:By engineering a device to allow people to hear better, you will assist people in living a better life. 
Public Audience:(Experts/ audiences students will engage with during/atend of project)You will be creating this with a team. You will all be presenting your model ears to your classmates. Our audience will be our fellow classmates and anyone we may know that has hearing loss. As a class, we will be voting on which model ear we think could hear sound better. 

We will continue to build and test our devices this week. At the end of the week the class will vote on the best class device. Then the top 3 devices from first grade will present to Mr. Lawera and the entire first grade. The students are very excited for this!


In science this week we will continue to investigate sound and how sound travels (vibration).

October 7, 2019

Last week we set up our engineering notebook and began to learn about sound. The students took a sound walk and recorded their observations in their notebook. This week we will continue to learn about sound and vibration.

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