Comics have been around long before our modern day superheroes.  In fact, the first “comic” was produced by a Swiss artist in 1837!  Comics are a form of storytelling through pictures. They became popular in the United States in the early 20th century in the form of “strip cartoons” in American Newspapers.  

Comic artists use panels, or individual frames, to tell their story.  Each panel has a picture and may contain words.  Panels are usually square or rectangular but do not have to be.  Sometimes panels connect with one another in unusual ways. A Google search of comic panel templates will reveal many different ideas.  I have included a couple examples below.  

5th grader Wade, at Lindbergh Elementary, created an amazing comic about the Corona Virus that I have featured below.  He did this totally on his own, thusly inspiring me to design this lesson. Wade chose the theme of the current pandemic and focused on how we can beat the virus with social distancing and hand sanitizing.  Although this is an excellent theme, you may choose any theme you wish for your comic.  Use a ruler to make your panels. I suggest at least 5 panels.  Work first in pencil and add color later. Trace over pencil in black to make it stand out.  It will be helpful to come up with a theme and characters before you start.  If you will be focusing on superheroes, you might consider different ways normal people can be heroes.  

*Wade did his on a computer. You are welcome to do the same if you are skilled and equipped. However, I expect most of you to use whatever drawing and coloring supplies you have around the house.

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