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1st and 2nd new lesson!

Abstract Letters

Sometimes it’s hard for an artist to decide what to draw or paint.  Many artists work in an abstract style, more about line, shape and color than a subject.  The following method works great to get you working in an abstract style.  Fill an entire entire sheet of paper with letters and/or numbers. Use letters and/or numbers in different sizes and positions.  Make sure many letters/numbers are connected.  Have some coming right off the page.! If you want to include names or sentences, feel free.  Trace over all of the lines you created with a dark color such as black.  Then, using a vairety of colors, color most of the white spaces in between the letters/numbers.  Use any materials you have around the house. This would make a great painting project, if you have paints and brushes.  Have fun! I would love to see your work. You can send it to me at

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  1. Bree Rafferty

    Hi Mr. Goeke! I made one of these along with my girls (Gia and Isla Dowhan) and we all enjoyed it so much! Thank you for bringing engaging art activities into our home <3

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