Cart Sort- Substances in Wastewater

PowerPoint- Toilet to Tap Wastewater Treatment

DUE 11/16 OR 11/17

Nanofiltration Virus removal- Microbes are VIRUSES

Samples were concentrated by ultrafiltration and tested for the presence of hepatitis A virus, adenovirus, rotavirus, astrovirus, norovirus and enteroviruses. All viruses, excluding the Enteroviruses were detected through biomolecular testing. Enteroviruses, were isolated on BGM cells and subsequently genotyped at the VP1 region

Bacteria-   Giardia cysts, coli form


algae Chlorella and Scenedesmus quadricuda


(removal of calcium and magnesium), removal of some
radionuclides (e.g. radium and barium) and removal of various other
contaminants (e.g. nitrate, arsenate, chromate, selenate and dissolved organic


Wastewater Substances from Largest Size Particle to Smallest Size Particle

Wastewater Substances Sizes in Meters

7.1.0 – 3 -Pictures Substances in Wastewater Resource Cards

Card Sort -Substances in Wastewater

AMOEBA=  3.5 X 10^-4

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