5th Grade

2/26 Our concert isn’t until the end of May, but we are starting to work on it now! Here is one of the song 5th graders will be learning. The beginning will feature some soloists. Practice if you are interested!


12/11 The following students will be bucket drumming at the singalong. This list will grow as the week goes on…
Kesserouani’s class: Yusuf Zahr, Hezam Hussein, Zeinab Edriss, Nawraa Ganem, Ida Shariff, and Omar Elladan
Klein’s Class: Ali Alshimary, Maram Awad,¬† Jouri Hamid, Rawan Almaweri, Mariam Mohamed, Jena¬† Aoun


12/5 Parents, there will be no opportunities to retake our Star Spangled Banner test. With over 3 weeks to study, and study time in class, students had plenty of time to learn the song. There will be opportunities for more tests, quizzes, and assignments to raise their grades.

We will be having our Star Spangled Banner lyrics test the week after Thanksgiving break! You will fill in the blanks to show a completed national anthem. The easiest way to memorize the words is to memorize the song. Here is a video to sing along with and memorize!

Practice here!