Updated Blog!


I’ve had major issues updating my blog this year, but with the help of our technology department, the blog is now updating as it supposed to! The only downside is that my blog has reverted back to last year for the most part. I will update as much as I can for it to be current. Thank you!


New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Right now, we are currently scheduling the dates for our musical and spring concert. Both are open to all members of our amazing community.


Attention 4th Graders!

We have been working on how to read the treble clef for about a month now. I have had a practice resource for this week’s test on my blog. About 33% of students did not access the blog, practice, or prepare for this test at home, per a survey I took.

PLEASE look at the 4th grade page and practice with your child. This test sets the precedent for the rest of the year in terms of content building, recorder skills, and their grades.


Welcome to the 2017/18 School Year

Hello Geer Park parents and students!


This year is going to be a BLAST in music class! With another school musical, concerts, and in-class activities, we will have a packed schedule in music class.


I am revamping this year’s blog. To find out about what your child’s class is doing, please click on their grade level at the top of the page. Mrs. Aburus’ 2nd/3rd grade class will be located in the 3rd grade section. I will post pictures, links to videos of class, and objectives to keep you in the know!


Please do not hesitate to email with any questions you may have about music class at lograsm@dearbornschools.org