March 13

Extra information for Online Learning

During this mandatory state school closing please try to keep your goal of living a healthy, active lifestyle. I am going to be posting some helpful hints, tips and videos on how to keep our physical and mental health in check during this time.

Please try to continue to work on the areas of our fitness testing that we try to work on in class. The tests are the Mile Run, 3 minute Jump Rope, 1 minute sit up test with arms across chest and someone holding your feet, push up test on your toes, sit and reach flexibility, and shuttle run. I added a page on the Blog with all the fitness scores for each grade level. Please visit to see where your daughter needs to be for her age.

Mile Run: There are many ways to work on your mile run, especially just outside in your neighborhood, at a resident track in the area or on a treadmill. Here are some links that will help you try to keep your endurance up.

3 Minute Jump Rope Test: Below are some videos on learning how to jump rope and ways to be quicker for the test.

1 Minute Sit Up Test: Below are some ways to improve your core strength for the sit up test.

Push Up Test: The push up test is complete on the toes, but if upper body strength is weak students can start on their knees. Please see links below for some helpful hints and pointers.

Sit and Reach: Flexibility is important to prevent injury. Please see links below to keep your body safe from injury.

Shuttle Run Test: A couple ways to help lower your time. The most important is form. Reach with the same hand and same foot for the block and stay low when you pick up the block…………RUN FAST!!

Health Lessons: Below are some areas of health that we can all work on during this academic down time. Please talk to your kids about these important topics and have them discuss how they deal with these or how they can change their habits to live a happy, healthy active lifestyle.

Universal Precaution/Corona Virus Prevention

Research things that you can do to stop the spread of diseases, are you doing them?


What are habits that all middle school students should be doing daily for proper hygiene?

Research best practices and self-reflect on whether or not you are maintaining proper hygiene.


What are your daily eating habits?  Research what the recommended nutritional food options are for your age.  Self-reflect on what changes you do to have a better diet.  What are your drinking habits?  Do you drink enough water?  Research the amount of liquids you should be drinking and self-reflect on possible adjustments you can make.

Sleep Habits

What are your daily sleep habits?  Research what are the recommended daily sleeping habits for someone your age.  What adjustments can you make if necessary to your sleeping habits?

How much time do you watch TV/play on your phone/play video games?  Researches what the recommended amount of times is for these activities.  If you are over the recommended times can you make adjustments or are you fine with that choice.  Self-reflect and write down your thoughts.