February 10

Week of February 10

Monday February 10

We reviewed our notes from Thursday-Attached

Worked in our book page 284 #18-29 and workbook page 156 # 4-12

Book pdf page attached– page 284 #18-29

Homework Finish classwork


Tuesday February 11

We did an entire class review discussing kites, trapezoids, and Rhombus. Review answers are attached

Also we had our quiz #3

Unit test is Friday February 14. Study guide was given to students last Friday. A copy is attached


Wednesday February 12

We did soome review problems. The answers are attached

Also we worked on two charts to review properties. make sure you finish them up

Our test is FRIDAY FEB 14


Thursday February 13


Attached are some answer keys-


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February 4

Week of February 3

Monday- We practiced sections 6-1 and 6-2. Quiz was given at the end of class. Homework answers are attached-

Online Assignment is due February 5


Tuesday- we started section 6-3. Took notes and did examples from workbook pages 142-145- Notes are attached

Homework is to finish the online assignment due February 5


Wednesday– We did practice for 6-3.

1) Workbook page 146 #2-12

2) Book page 269 # 18, 19, 20, 27, 28

Please finish the workbook pages if you have not finish them in class. Answers are attached

Online Homework Due tonight at midnight and another is due February 7. These homework will help you strengthen you skills.

Quiz Tomorrow Thursday February 6 covering 6-2 and 6-3. Please prepare accordingly.


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January 26

Week of January 20

Welcome to Geometry Semester 2

***Last week we had a new semester introductions- Couple updates and activities to get us started. Updates syllabus is attached on the side page labeled syllabus.

We had a scavenger hunt that helped the students navigate through the new curriculum-“envision” Attached

SAT Review “Partner work”-Attached

For Monday January 27- You need to bring a one inch binder with loose leaf papers and a one inch notebook


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December 17

Week of December 16

This week we are practicing more proofs and reviewing for our test on Thursday. attached some documents that might be helpful for the review

Test is on Thursday December 19

Make sure you sign up for retakes by Friday

** We did our Final test today-Results are on MI-Star

I am attaching a Final Exam Review if you would like to take a look at it ahead of time

**Also on the SAT page, I am uplading the latest SAT packet- Due after the break

Enjoy your time off

Image result for happy holidays
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December 9

Week of December 9

This week we will continue working on Unit 9 and we will start completing and writing some proofs

If you need to do any retakes-Retakes will take place the week of January 6 after school. If you can not make it and you need to schedule another time please see me.

Homework this week is from your workbook and there is one assignment on Agile Mind

**Workbook homework for the proofs are pages 13 through 18

***Tomorrow Friday September 13 is the re-assessment for applying properties of a triangle. Students were given a study guide at the beginning of the week. Answers for the study guide are attached below

Unit 9 test is next Thursday December 19. Study guide is attached

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November 19

November 18-November 22

This week we are reviewing unit 7 ” Applying Properties of a Triangle”

Attached are study guides and reviews that were given so far

Test is On Friday November 22


Review guides Answers are attached for all reviews


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