Helping Your Child Ease Back Into School

While many parents focus on preparing their child for the upcoming school year before the school year starts, there are also several things that parents can do the first few weeks of school to help their child transition smoothly from summer vacation to their normal school schedule.

Ease back into scheduled days.
After kids are used to having a later bedtime during the summer, getting up for an early morning bus ride can be quite a shock to their system. But starting their bedtime routine several minutes earlier every night and waking them up several minutes earlier every morning until they are back on track can help. It is also important to praise your child for a prompt response to the morning schedule.

Keep open lines of communication with your child.
Try to avoid generalized questions, as you will often receive generalized answers. Instead, ask more specific questions and build upon their responses. It is important for kids to know that we care about their lives, that we are there to support them and that we are there to help them develop strategies for solving problems themselves.

Try to spend one-on-one time with your child every day.
Challenge yourself to set aside 10-15 minutes per day for you and your child to enjoy an individualized activity together after school. From reading a book together to playing a board game, children will value your undivided attention, and both of you will benefit.

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