Making the Summer Productive

While many children look forward to the summer as being free from the rigors of daily class assignments, parents can actually continue to promote higher academic and social achievement by keeping their child active during the summer months.

Summer Learning Programs

Studies show that summer learning programs can mitigate summer learning losses and even lead to achievement gains. Additionally, summer programs that focus on specific fields give children an opportunity to explore their interests and encourage them to think about what field they would like to work in as adults. There are many free and low-cost summer programs being offered in the Dearborn area this summer, including those through the Dearborn Adult & Community Education Program and local libraries. Be sure to ask about scholarships!

Play Dates

Consider setting up play dates for your child. Research shows that friendship plays a powerful role in protecting children from the effects of bullying. Children with at least one friend are less likely to be bullied and are better able to cope with bullying once it has occurred. Studies have also shown that children without friendships may not perform as well academically.

Educational Websites

If it is too hot to venture outside, there are a number of educational websites that children can visit to practice their academic skills including,,,,,, and

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