In this course you will be learning Multimedia computer skills, including care and handling of computer hardware and software.  The specific application skills include graphic, animation, sound and video creation, and editing. Programs used include: Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher,  Adobe Flash and Fireworks and the Powtoon web site.


How to Create Shortcuts on Your Desktop

Creating an Effective PowerPoint

 Daily Assignments:

2-5-19 Goals PowerPoint

2-11-19 Goals-With Animation

2-12-19 History of Computers PP-Add Sound, Create a Timeline

2-22-19 Create an Invitation with a Quick Publication

2-25-19 Vacation Brochure in Publisher

3-4-19 Write about EFHS-RAFT Writing Assignment

3-5-19 Edsel Brochure

3-8-19 Create 4 Documents for a Resturaunt with Publisher

3-18-19 Create a Word Cloud in Adobe FireWorks

3-21-19 Word Cloud Two-Use Drawing Tools and Add Filters

3-25-19 Draw a Smiley in Adobe Fireworks

3-26-19 Adobe Fireworks-Draw a Cartoon Animal and Explain Your Steps

3-27-19 Create a Step by Step Tutorial

4-8-19 Intro to Collage-Adobe Fireworks

4-12-19 Create a Nature Scene in Fireworks

4-16-19 Create Picture Filled Letters-Mask in Fireworks-YOUR NAME

4-18-19 Create a Second Mask in Fireworks Add it to Word and Save as a PDF

4-24-19 Create a 3rd Mask of your choice-Two words=extra credit!

4-29-19 Bully Free Fireworks and Publisher Summative Assessment

5-6-19 Person from History-Collage-Adobe Fireworks

5-8-19 Adobe Flash Intro-Caps Animation

5-10-19 Add Sound to a Flash Animation

Multi Media Final Project-May 2019