Favorite Books Contest Clues

Thursday, March 14th: Don’t let Mr. Pletzke catch you in the hall.

Wednesday, March 13th: Ms. Kivi’s Clue – “Hey, the king is back!”

Tuesday, March 12th: Mrs. Latin often wonders, will there be enough room?

Monday, March 11th: Mr. Casebolt likes to spend time outside.

Friday Bonus Clue: Ms. Sullivan thinks it is better to give than to receive.

Friday, March 7th: Mr. Whalen’s Clue: Airborn-Feline-Journal

Thursday, March 6th: Mr. Reddeman’s favorite book stars a rodent.

Wednesday, March 5th Ms. Lenard is interested in astronomy.

Tuesday, March 4th – Ms. Allen loves chocolate!

March is Reading Month Contest

  • Match the teacher with their favorite childhood book and win prizes!
  • The students with the most correct answers will receive a gift card for Green Brain Comics or Barnes and Noble.
  • Look near teachers classrooms, and listen to the announcements for clues.
  • I will post the clues on my blog after they are in the announcements.
  • Submit your answers by March 15th in the Media Center .

Click below to download and print the contest form.

MIRM Favorite Book Contest

Mrs. Alward’s Clue


Author Visit at Green Brain Comics

A very cool event is happening at Green Brain Comics on Wednesday, March 13th from 5-7. The author of the New series of Ms. Marvel comic series will be signing books at Green Brain. Saladin Ahmed is a Dearborn native, who has authored numerous comics as well as the Hugo Award nominated novel, Throne of the Crescent Moon. This is an amazing series of books, and I am glad they will be continuing. Come to the library and check them out!

New Chairs!

Thanks to a grant from the Dearborn Education Foundation, we were able to purchase some awesome new seating for the media center. Two of the chairs have laptop tables with outlets behind them, which make them a great spot to work. The other chairs have springy backs and are a great spot to get comfortable with a book. Come down to the media center and try them out!