Author: Nichole Alward

Free AudioBooks

Every year, AudioFile offers two free audio books weekly over the summer, and the service starts this week. This year they are using the teen version of the Overdrive app, called Sora. It is a product we are looking into using next year for offering eBooks and audiobooks for middle and high school, so this would be a great chance to try it out. 
There are two books that are offered every week, and unlike books you borrow through the library, these files remain on your device until you delete them. 

Click here to sign up

or Text SYNCYA to 25827

Bookmark Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Rebecca Rapphun and Danya Jamaladin the winners of the March is Reading Month bookmark contest! The winners will receive a gift certificate and their bookmarks will be distributed when buildings open!

Rebecca Rapphun
Danya Jamaladin