Daily 5 and Picture Day Reminder

This is just a reminder that Picture Day is Monday morning at 9:35. Mrs. Lackey and I will take the children down to get their pictures taken regardless of if you are buying a package. I also wanted to remind you to bring in three new books for Daily 5 on Monday. Remember to let your child help you pick out familiar books. We talked about doing this in class on Friday and the kids were really excited to pick out their books.

Color Unit Lesson Plans

Next week we begin our color unit, starting with our primary colors. If you remember about a month ago, I told you the children would have color homework. We would like the children to look for pictures in magazines, ads, and newspapers that represent the color of the day. So for Monday, each child should bring in a picture for each of the following colors: yellow, red, and blue. After that, your child should bring in a picture or two of each of the colors of the day. Please make sure to let your child find and cut out the pictures. Put the pictures into a ziplock back labeled with your child’s name. We will send home the bag in the folder everyday so that you can put the next day’s color in the bag. Here is the list of colors for the following days:

April 28: Green

April 30: Orange

May 3: Purple

May 5: Black and White

May 7: Pink

May 10: Brown

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Thank you so much.

Daily 5 Book Switch

On Monday, April 26, we would like you to bring in three new books from home for our Daily 5 bags. Please label the books with your child’s name. Have your child pick out the books as they will be more likely to pick something familiar and something that interests them. Remember the books have to fit in the bag which is about 9 by 12 inches. We will send home the old books when the new ones come in. Thank you!

Alphafriends and Assessment Info

Here are several Alphafriends that we’ve recently learned about. I try to post them daily but many days, I take off my teacher hat and jump right back into being a mom as soon as I get home. I know many of you can relate. It’s not easy working and being a stay at home parent at the same time! I do want to say though, you all seem to excel at it. Mrs. Lackey and I have seen so much growth in all our students. We have sat one on one with almost all the students and assessed their uppercase letter knowledge. We are trying to teach as much as we can about letters, numbers, shapes and colors before mid May. After Ramadan, we will be sitting one on one with each child to assess their overall academic readiness. The goal will be for Mrs. Lackey and I to assess one child each a day then have a very brief conference with you at pick up so you are able see the assessment and address any questions or concerns with us at that time. If you aren’t at pick up, we will meet with you at the next drop off or we can arrange a time to talk.

K was today. See if your child remembers the secret K word (the word is “knee” and it’s a secret K because it doesn’t make a sound). If they don’t remember, it’s ok. It’s more important that they remember the letter of the day.

Shape Unit Lesson Plans

I hope you have all had a good two weeks. We look forward to getting back in the classroom with your children starting tomorrow. We will begin with two weeks of shapes. Remember that each child is being asked to bring in one shape to share over the course of the unit. The last blog states which day and shape your child is in charge of. Monday, April 12 will be square and we are asking Lucy and Youssef to bring one in to share. See you all tomorrow!

Lesson Plan Change

With preschool being cancelled next week and kind of messing up my plans for the color unit, I’ve decided to switch the color and shape unit. So when we return from break, we will start with two weeks of shapes, then colors. If you and your child have begun cutting out color pictures, great! Save them for when we start the unit. For the shape unit, I have homework for the kids as well. Each child will bring in one shape from home to share with the class. Please see below for the date and shape your child will bring in. Thank you so much for being flexible with me. And tell your children that Mrs. Lackey and I miss them and can’t wait to have them back in the classroom.

April 12: Square- Lucy and Youssef

April 14: Rectangle- Danny and Isla

April 16: Circle- Zayn and Collin

April 16: Oval- Savior and Isa

April 19: Triangle- Alethia and Aminah

April 21: Star- Emma and Vera

April 23: Diamond- Ally and Calvin

Homework and Spring Break Info

Dearborn Public Schools will be closed Monday, March 29 through April 5. That means after tomorrow, we won’t see your children again until Wednesday, April 7. When we return from spring break, we will begin our color unit. Everyday during the color unit, we would like your child to bring in a few pictures that represent the color of the day. Look in magazines and ads. Have your child find something that is the color of the day and cut it out. This is great scissor practice! Once they’ve cut out 1-2 pictures that represent the color, put them in a labeled ziplock bag and place the bag in your child’s folder. The children will glue them on a group poster that we can share in class. We will send the labeled ziplock home everyday so you and your child can fill it with the next day’s color. Please only send in the color of the day and not all the colors at once. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Color schedule:

April 7: Primary colors (red, yellow, and blue)

April 9: Green

April 12: Orange

April 14: Purple

April 16: White

April 19: Black

April 21: Pink

April 23: Brown

Wednesday, March 24

Today we started Daily 5. We talked about how reading the pictures is one way to read a book. The children did a very nice job! We also learned about the letter E today. See if your child can tell you what sound letter E makes (or if they can tell you both sounds). For snack we had cheddar bunnies.