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MWF: How to cook a turkey and our thankful feathers

Below are some pictures of our LAHC lesson today as well as what children said they were thankful for (our turkey feathers) and the answers to the question “How do you cook a turkey?”. Those responses are always so much fun. During our LAHC lesson, we learned about fruits and vegetables and did some exercise. Some info about today’s lesson was sent home in the folder.

Shape Unit

After we return from Thanksgiving break, we will begin our unit on shapes. Please see the lists below to find out which days and which shapes your child is responsible for bringing. I will also post this in paper form on my parent board in the hallway. Have a wonderful break with your child and remember there is only school on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Lesson plans will be posted over Thanksgiving break.

Flip phone donation?

This is an odd request, but today our old flip phone that the kids in both classes LOVE playing with broke. Does anyone happen to have one laying around the house that they no longer want and would like to donate to the class? If so, the kids would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

A busy Monday!

Today was SO busy but also lots of fun. We went to the library and picked out new books, had LAHC visit to teach us about hand washing and teach us how to make a healthy snack, and we even played with shaving cream at art. We were so busy, we didn’t have time to do the Alphafriend and the kids thought that was so funny!

Pick up info

The weather is about to change and with that, we maybe have some rainy/ snowy days. If it’s pouring rain or really snowy, I will sign your children out for that day only so that you aren’t standing and getting soaked. If it’s only cold or sprinkling out, I will still need you to get to school a few minutes early so we can pass the iPad around. Thanks so much for your cooperation!