Author: Nicole Bazzi

MWF picnic info

Marilyn’s mom and dad have volunteered for the picnic! They need a head count ASAP, so if you can just fill out the Google Doc attached to this in the next day or so, that would be great. As soon as we have a head count, Marilyn’s mom will be able to get a price from the caterer and pass that info on to you. Thank you so much!

MWF: Kindergarten Day!

On Wednesday, May 8 we will be having a very special day. At 11:00, we will be having lunch in the cafeteria just like Kindergarteners. We ask that every child have an adult attend this event, as it is as much for them as it is for you. Your preschooler will be able to have a free lunch and experience what it’s like to move through the lunch line. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about lunch. Even if DuVall isn’t your home school, this can still be very beneficial for you and your child. Mrs. Lackey and I will be sending home a letter with more information soon.

Lesson plans for the week of April 15 and 22

The MWF class will be learning about fairytales and elements of them (character, setting, problem, solution). We will be listening to oral tellings of the traditional stories as well as reading them in books. There are so many variations in fairytales!

MWF Fairytales I:

MWF Fairytales II:

The TTH class will be learning about nursery rhymes. We will be talking about rhyming and some of the silly themes in nursery rhymes.

TTH Nursery Rhymes I:

TTH Nursery Rhymes II:

Picnic info

MWF: We are still looking for parent volunteers. We would ideally like 2-3 parents. Our picnic will take place from 11:30-1:00 on Friday, May 31.

TTH: Our parent volunteers are looking for 7 dollars from each child for the picnic. This money can be given to Issa or Aya’s mom as soon as you are able. Our picnic will be from 9:30-11:00 on Friday, May 31.

Our class picnics will be at Levagood Park on the playground near Divine Child. I will put a map out on the parent board as we get closer.