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Child’s Hope: Talk with Me Program (FREE event)

On January 17th at 1:00, we will be hosting our first ever Talk with Me Program. Mrs. Lackey and I heard about the program from Mrs. Timpf and thought it would be interesting and informative for all of you. We hope everyone can attend! Here is a bit about the program:

This program is for preschool students only, so if you have other children at home, you would need to find other accommodations for them at this time. The class should go from 1:00 until 2:30 at the latest. January 17th is on a Wednesday, so those of you who are attending and your child is in the MWF class, we will keep the classroom open so you and your child can bring a lunch and eat in the room before the event begins. We have been told by the coordinators that there will be face painting, art, and reading. It sounds really fun for both the child and adult! And it’s FREE! We really hope everyone from both classes can attend. Please RSVP by the week we return from winter break.

Shape Unit Homework (both classes)

After the Thanksgiving break, we will begin our shape unit. Both classes will have homework. Please see the document below because your child isn’t bringing homework every day; each student has been assigned certain days. We will also be sending home a paper copy on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

MWF shape list:

TTH shape list:

Lesson plans for this unit will follow within a week.

MWF: Tomorrow we are doing yoga

Tomorrow we will be introducing yoga for the first time this year. It’s something we tend to do once a week in the colder months. We take our shoes off during yoga, so please make sure your child is able to put their own shoes back on and have them wear socks. We told the kids they can wear fun socks on yoga day. Mrs. Lackey and I tend to wear some pretty fun socks!

TTH: Fun with colors

On Tuesday, the kids were scientists discovering what they needed to do to make green. They made a few guesses before seeing what happens when you mix yellow and blue paint. We also had a group of boys that were very excited about their team building project and I’ve included those pictures as well. Enjoy!

Volunteers in the classroom

If you remember from parent orientation, Mrs. Lackey and I talked about putting together a volunteer sign up for parents starting in November. Volunteering in the classroom is not mandatory, but you are welcome to visit us if you would like. In order to volunteer, you must have a current iChat on file in the office. If you did this last year, then you are set. An iChat stays current for three years and can be done at any of the Dearborn Public Schools. As of right now, we are limiting volunteers to parents only. If you do decide to sign up, you don’t have to stay the whole time, but you can! Also, please plan on making other accommodations for younger siblings so you can focus on your preschooler. If you wanted to sign up and there are no more spots available, we will do this again after the new year.

If you could also monitor older children when this link is open, I would very much appreciate it. The harvest veggie list was hijacked and we had some interesting names as volunteers. While it would be fun to have Taylor Swift volunteer, I don’t think her schedule will allow for that!